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Year Locale Event Social Effects Source
1529 London/Lubeck/Hamburg "Sweating Sickness" 4th Episode virulent - 100,000 die /spares French Trager/Nash
1525 Jura, Fr./Germany cool spring/summers good vintages/narrow tree rings Ladurie
1525-26 ENSO Warm Event Records/Proxies El Niño   Quinn
1523 So.France Severe Winter Olives freeze Ladurie
1522 Global 1st Circumnavigation Magellan led 3 year expedition Trager
1520-1650 China Warm interval Permafrost records/reconstruction Feng et al.
1500s Korea Japan invades Attempts to defeat China from land based attacks History
1521 England "Great Pestilence" "Great Death" Goad, 1686
1520 ENSO Warm Event Records/Proxies El Niño   Quinn
1520 Mexico Spaniards carry smallpox into country Three million die  Nash
1518 England "Sweating Sickness" 3rd seige reaches Calais/Kills only English Trager
1518 Venice, Italy Famine 21,000 die Nash
1518 ENSO Warm Event Records/Proxies El Niño   Quinn
1517 Jura, Fr./Germany cool spring/summers good vintages/narrow tree rings Ladurie
1515 Germany Severe Flooding Destruction and Displacement due to inundation widespread. Hoyt
1512 London Comet "Sanguinal coloris" Goad, 1686, ref.
1510 ENSO Warm Event Records/Proxies El Niño   Quinn
1509 London Comet "Stons to 60lbs" Goad, 1686, ref.
1507 "Sweating Sickness" 2nd epidemic strikes   Trager
1506 So.France Severe Winter Sea at Marseilles freezes Ladurie
1505 So.France Mild Winter Roses/Jan Ladurie
1505 London Comet "Big As Moon" Goad, 1686, ref.
1504 Jura, Fr./Germany cool spring/summers good vintages/narrow tree rings Ladurie
1503 Jura, Fr./Germany cool spring/summers good vintages/narrow tree rings Ladurie
1500s Bolivian Highlands Fish Farms Excavations for ponds throughout Baure region Clark Erickson
1493, 1506 Portugal, Spain Began to claim portions of the Ocean - Asian Transitions in an Age of Global Change Changes in the way aquatic resources were managed

Papal Bulls


1499-1500 London Plague outbreak Thirty Thousands die/2 yrs Trager/Nash
1497 ENSO Warm Event Records/Proxies El Niño   Quinn
1495 So.France Severe Winter Olives Freeze Ladurie
1494 So.France Severe Winter Genoa freeze Ladurie
1492 Nürnberg Cartography World/Cartographic Globe Henricus Martellus Germanus/Martin Behaim Tooley
1490s The West and the World -

Greenland's Viking Leave!
New areas of the world
regions of Africa, the Americas, and Polynesia were brought into the western exchange system for the first time.

The West's First Outreach: Maritime Power

Early Latin America


Viking Discoveries
1491 So.France Severe Winter Olives freeze Ladurie
1485 London 1st "Sweating Sickness" Closes Oxford/decimates army/London Trager
1482 Germany cold/poor growout 1482-93 Many Bad vintages Ladurie
1463 Germany Warm/long season 1463-1481 mostly good vintages Ladurie
1461 Japan Famine/Plague Causes uprising against Shogun Trager
1453 Germany cold/poor growout 1453-62 Many Bad vintages Ladurie
c1450 Peru/Ecuador Highland Wet Period Begins Coastal Cultures Decline/Inca Thrives Thompson2
c1450 Western World The Italian Renaissance, End of Christian Unity in the West, The Commercial Revolution The Transformation of the West History
c1450 Russia Between 1450 and 1750, Russia created a land-based empire. The Rise of Russia History
c1450 Africa Between 1450 and 1850, about 12 million Africans were shipped to the
plantations of the Americas.
Africa and the Africans in the Age of Atlantic Slave Trade History
1434 Lisbon Black Slave trade begins Portuguese African/Atlantic exploration Trager
1421 Netherlands >10,000 die in flood Zuider Zee spreads over 1000s sq miles Trager
1420 Camp 100 cold   Ladurie
1410 Ptolemy translated World is Round/again Age of Exploration ideal Trager
1407 England Plague Thirty Thousands die/food abundant/fewer people Trager/Nash
c 1400 Baltic Herring disappear Herring fleets focus on Dogger Banks Braudel
c 1400 World After 1400, a new world balance was being created. The West and the Changing World Balance History
1400-1900s China "Little Ice Age" analogy Permafrost records/reconstruction Feng et al. + Yang et al. EOS 2002
1393 Jura, Fr./Germany cool spring/summers good vintages/narrow tree rings Ladurie
1390-1420 East Africa Severe Droughts Severe drought events of the period - broadly coeval with phases of high solar radiation Verscuren, Laird, & Cummin
1386 Smolensk, Russia Plague only five survivors Nash
1380-1900 Tibetan Plateau LIA Cool Permafrost records/reconstruction Yang EOS 2002
1371 England Plague outbreak Milder than previous events Trager
1370 England Wet summers ? Ladurie
1364 France Bad harvests/Famine Plague follows debilitations Trager
1360 England Wet summers ? Ladurie
1351 England Plague/children afflicted   Trager
1350 Moscow to India/China Plague   Trager
1350 North Sea Herring salting/processing New techniques stimulate Hansa trade Braudel
Alps Glacial term.   Ladurie
1349 Poland/Russia/England Starvation precedes Plague Plague kills 1/3-1/2 English Trager
1348 England/Germany Cold/wet summers/Plague

Plague devastates Europe; 1,224,434 die -

>25 million by 1666

1348 Spain

Cold/wet summers/Plague

Almost 40% of the total population eventually dies.

Some Jewish communities spared since the Torah requires that Jews wash before eating bread, bathe before the Sabbath, and recite blessings and study the Torah at a distance from sewage. The dead, must be buried quickly. Unknown to the Medieval person, these measures help to prevent disease. However, this only causes Christian plague sufferers to accuse Jews of having brought the Plague or of poisoning their wells -


It depends on who you ask

Chaiya's Sephardic World - Jews in Medieval Spain
1347 Cyprus/Genoa, Italy

Ship arrives/Black Death

Described/Links/Historical Perspective

Black Death spreads from the Gobi Desert to Italy, then all over Europe - and China as well - Trager

Jennifer Walters
1343 Kaffa, Crimean port Tatar Kipchak Khan Janibeg lays seige to Genoese Port of Kaffa Infected corpses during seige catapulted into Kaffa Trager/nash
1333-37 China Starvation/Black Death >Six million die  Trager
1333 Firenze, Italia Arno & Po Rivers Flood City innundated Nash
1325 Mexico Mexico City Founded Aztecs found Tenochtitlan Trager
Camp 100 warm   Ladurie
1315 Europe Great Famine 1315-16, famine/deaths to1336 Ladurie
1313 So. England Wet period/Famine 1313-20 crops failed Ladurie
1312 Germany Wet period/Famine 1312-19 crops failed Ladurie
Camp 100 Cold   Ladurie

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