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Year Locale Event Social Effects Source
1966 NASA Lunar Mapping Project Lots of imagery stored away Great Views of Earth/Moon 2008 Update
1966 Sahel Present drought period begins Famine soon follows/kills animals/people Trager
1966 Global Food crisis Production drops/Africa/Lat.America/FarEast Trager
1966 India 1965-67 Drought Famine Imports grain/rice eaters riots /1.5 million die Trager
1966 Alaska King crab fishery peaks Central fishing area begins decline Trager
1966 Central California Major Flood/Coastal Valleys Salinas River Floods
1966 Russia Record grain harvest Ý Trager
1966 Firenze, Italia Arno & Po Rivers Flood City innundated, 30,000 homeless Nash
1966 USA Endangered Species Protection Act Precedent setting legislation/global protection Congress
1965-67 Gulf of Alaska Halibut biomass lowest Recruitment f(wind speed/dir/surf currents) Parker
1965-66 Costa Rica Malarial outbreak Mosquito born /ENSO rainfalls Epstein
1965-66 West Africa Trade winds decline Coastal fishing declines/rainfall declines Freon
1965 North Sea Peak herring catch Catch begins precipitous decline/overfished too Glantz
1965 Pakistan/India Crop Failure/Famine Monsoon rains fail/drought Trager
1965 Russia Wheat crop fails Forced to pay in Gold/Australia/Canada Trager
1965 Colorado, Montana, Kansas, Wyoming, New Mexico June Floods Arkansas /Platte Rivers innundate big cities such as Denver and Dodge City Nash
1965 Florida Louisiana Mississippi Hurricane "Betsy" 23 Die Trager
1965 Ganges Delta, East Pakistan Cyclone 12,000 die, 5 million homes whiped out Nash
1965-94 Eastern USA Aedes albopictus/egypti vectors Outbreaks/Dengue/equine encephalitis=El Niño Epstein
1965-66 Pacific wide ENSO warm event Substantial records of climate anomalies Quinn
1965 So./central India Very Dry monsoon Strong negative rainfall anomalies/-SOI Kalidas/Sinha
1964 Burbank, cal. Mud slides Post forest fire rainfall=slides Trager
1964 Eastern Tropical Pacific ENSO cool event Upper ocean low heat content Sharp/McLain
1963 USA Corn production peaks 1 st commercial nuclear reactor online Oster Creek Trager
1963 Japan Typhoons detroy crops Force food imports Trager
1963 USSR/China crops fail Both forced to seek western grain Trager
1963-1973 China Cold, dry period Ý Feng et al.
1963 Pacific basin Low SOI/ little evidence of El Niño Ý COADS
1962-63 Britain Cold Winter spell Frozen pipes/misery Trager
1962 Germany, North Sea Coast Hurricane winds create Floods, Elbe floods, Hamburg, where 281 died, 62 died elsewhere, half million homeless Nash
1962 Florida Freeze Citrus industry devastated again Trager
1961 Eastern Tropical Pacific ENSO cool event Upper ocean low heat content Sharp/McLain
1959-60 China Catastrophic crop failres Grain production < 1952 levels Trager
1960 China Warm year Ý Feng et al.
1960 Chile The world's strongest recorded earthquake devastates Chile, with a reading of 9.5 on the Richter scale. A tsunami 30ft (10m) high eliminates entire villages in Chile and kills 61 hundreds of miles away in Hawaii. News
1960 Leeward Islands, - Puerto Rico, to Gulf of Saint Lawrence Hurricane Donna Due to more accurate early warning system, only 143 died Nash
1959-61 China Warm/Dry years Drought, and the story behind Mao's policies of the late 1950's, which led to the starvation of tens of millions - back to the Good Old Daze of cannibalism, etc.


Dali L. Yang

1958 Japan Typhoon Vera Death toll reached nearly 5000, with 1.5 million homeless. NOAA
1958 Northeastern USA Blizzard ~500 persond killed in storm Nash
1957-58 Pacific wide ENSO warm event Substantial records of climate anomalies Quinn
1957 China Cereal grain production 8%/year growth since 1950=200mill.tons Trager
1957 China Great Leap Forward Insect/vermin pests are virtually eliminated Trager
1955 Antarctica Crabeater seal dieoff Huge population/mild climate/virus Laws&Taylor
1955 Central California Coast Floods/mud slides

Roads closed/Tourism fails

1955 India/Pakistan Monsoon, eight rivers overflowed their beds More than 300,000 were evacuated by paratroopers; 10,000 villages were whiped out, and many tens of thousands are believed to have died Nash
1955 Tampico, Mexico Hurricanes Glady, Hilda, Janet The series of three storms devastated the area - Over 300 died Nash
1955 Eastern Tropical Pacific ENSO cool event Upper ocean low heat content Sharp/McLain
1954 North Atlantic Surface Temperatures peak Cooling trend begins/species shifts Sharp/McLain
1954 Northeast USA Storm from Cape verde Islands grows into Hurricane Carol, and devastates Northeast USA Within six days, 60 killed, 1000 injured, and $461 million in damages Nash
1954 Iran Great Flood Approximately 10,000 casualties. NOAA
1954 Hakodate, Japan 15 Powerful Typhoons in the year September 26th, the most powerful overturned the ferry Toya Maru, washing crew and passengers overboard. In total , more than 1,600 died from this storm, alone Nash
1954 China Hwai and Yangtze Rivers flood Kills >40,000, Crops fail/Famine - Mao's 1st Five Year Plan collapses in chaos Nash
1954-56 USA Midwest Drought continues Crop prices propped up by gov. Trager
1953 North Sea Severe winter storms Dikes burst/100,000 homeless/1,800 die Trager
1953 ENSO Warm Event Records/Proxies of El Niño Ý Quinn

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