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Year Locale Event Social Effects Source
1976 Northwest Pacific Sardines recolonize Japan/Sea Emergent protein resource => Seriola culture Kondo
1976 Peru/Chile Sardine recolonize Peru coast & south => northern Chile to central Chile Sardine fisheries from Tumuco to Talcahuano seeded Sharp/McLain
1976 California/Marin Co. Severe Drought Rationing raises water prices 40% Trager
1976 Philadelphia Legionaire's disease rare pnuemonia identified/29 die Trager


Tangshan, China

8.0 Richter Scale Earthquake

Up to 655,000 die

National EarthquakeInformation Center - Almanac

1976 Northeast Pacific Atmospheric patterns shift Many climate/ecosystem shifts in response Ebbesmeyer et al.
1976 Zaire Ebola Virus Described Major Outbreak/Hundreds die Preston
1976 Chile Water-born diseases Floods/Hepatitus A/Typhoid/dysentary Epstein
1976 USA Swine Flu" epidemic scare 535 of Innoculated => Guillaine-Barre syndrome Trager
1976-77 Pacific wide ENSO warm event Substantial records of climate anomalies Sharp/McLain
1975 Gulf of California Sardines bloom Gulf of California Mexican fishery emerges Sharp/McLain
1975 Chile/Peru Sardine onshore, colonize N&S Production center moves to No. Chile Sharp/McLain
1975 India Wheat crop peaks Doubles since 1965 Trager
1975 Lyme, Connecticut Lyme Disease identified Spreads over USA via tick/deer/mice Trager
1975 North Atlantic Surface temperature minimum 22 year trend reverses Sharp/McLain
1974 Bangladesh Famine Hundreds of thousands die Trager
1974 Darwin, Australia Cyclone Destroys city/forcesabandonment Trager
1974-76 Zimbabwe Heavy Rodent infestations Rainfalls follow drought period Chikwenhere
1974 Xenia, Ohio Tornado Kills 34/extensive property damage Trager
1974-75 Eastern Tropical Pacific ENSO cool event Upper ocean low heat content Sharp/McLain
1974 Global Economic Recession Prices stimulate automation/"Word Processor" Trager
1973 Global Energy Crisis/Oil OPEC reorganizes energy costs Trager
1973 USA Endangered Species Act Precedence setting legislation/global protection Congress
1973 Honduras/Central Am. Black Sigatoka banana fungus Appears, spreads over region/devastates crops Prager
1972 USSR/China Drought/crop failure Ý Trager
1972-76 Chile/Peru Coastal species vanish Giant squid, sierra, other species disappear Sharp/McLain
1973 Baja California Peruvian fleet sold/Ensenada Emergent Mexican wetfish fishery invests Sharp/McLain
1972-94 Pakistan/Central America Malaria blooms Associated with El Niño rainfall patterns Epstein
1972 Peru Anchoveta fishery "collapses" Resource crowded into small area by El Niño Csirke
1972 India Drought >800 died, 50 million more affected, as crops fail Nash
1972-73 Pacific wide ENSO warm event Substantial records of climate anomalies Sharp/McLain
1972 Eastern USA Tropical Storm "Agnes" Floods/124 die/thousands homeless Trager
1972 USA Marine Mammal Protection Act Precedence setting legislation/global protection Congress
1971 Vietnam Heavy rains/flooding 100 thousand die NOAA
1971 Peru Anchoveta fish catch peaks Anchoveta fleet/over-capitalization Prager
1922 China Typhoon 60 thousand die NOAA
1970 West Greenland Cod catches begin rising Fishery recruitment declines after 20 yrs Sharp/McLain
1970 USA Corn Crop declines New strain fungus Non-resistant monoculture=high meat prices Trager
1970 Egypt Aswan Dam completed Seasonal flood cycle stops/sardines dissappear Trager
1970 Ganges Delta, Bangladesh Cyclone - 150mph winds, 50 ft waves 300-500,000 died Nash/Trager/NOAA
1970 So. California Severe brush fire Santa Ana" winds/overgrowth=disaster Trager
1970 Texas Hurricane "Celia" 90% downtown Corpus Christi damag/destr'd Trager
1970-71 Eastern Tropical Pacific ENSO cool event Upper ocean low heat content Sharp/McLain
1969 California Heavy rains/mud slides 100 die/10,000 homeless Trager
1969 Mississippi/Virginias Hurricane 'Camille' 248 die/200,000 homeless Trager
1968-69 Pacific wide ENSO warm event Eastern Pacific warming trend begins Sharp/McLain
1968-69 Northern Namibia Pilchard catches peak Recruitment fails/coastal cool events/overfishing SFRI
1968 West Bengal, Bihar, Assam, India Floods & Landslides >1000 died Nash
1968 Biafra/Nigeria Famines/Starvation 800,000-millions die Trager/Nash
1968 Arabia/Red Sea Locusts devastate crops Ý Trager
1968 Peru/No.Chile Anchoveta recruits decline Coastal upwelling declines/resource more south Trager
1968 USA 58% fish imported Dept.Interior report pollution=fish kills Trager
1968-69 Southern Benguela Chub Mackerel/Total catch peaks System shifting to stronger coastal upwelling SFRI
1967 Iran/So.Africa/Turkey Record grain crops Widespread starvation in India Trager
1967 Zaire Marburg Virus Identified First recorded outbreak/ Preston
1967 Europe/USA Over production Fruit/grain prices fall/food destroyed Trager
1967 China Drought/Famine continues Over 1.5 million perish NOAA
1967 Eastern Tropical Pacific ENSO cool event Upper ocean low heat content Sharp/McLain

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