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Year Locale Event Social Effects Source
1990 USA/USSR/China Bumper wheat (potato) crops Prices fall globally/Soviet potatoes rot/field Trager
1990 Chile-westward Jack mackerel blooms Begin Coastal/westward expansion /Tasman Sea Serra
1990-94 Western Pacific Tropical tuna fishing flourishes Local Shoaling due to Kelvin waves G.D. Sharp
1990-94 Northwest Atlantic Cod fails/herring bloom Bottom temps warm/coastal species bloom G.D. Sharp
1990 North Sea Herring in bloom phase Spawning strong Scotch/North Sea banks G.D. Sharp
1990 Iran - Province of Gilan Earthquake

Massive earthquake - 40,000 die.

1990 Maine Lobster catches peak 28 million pounds/high since 1889 Trager
1990 Gulf of Alaska Halibut/salmon biomass up Decadal trends reversing/rare vs abundance G.D. Sharp
1990 Britain/Continent Hurricane force winds Devastate buildings/kill>140 Trager
1989 Virgin Islands/Puerto Rico/Carolinas Hurricane "Hugo" >70 die/thousands homeless Trager
1989 Japan/Chile Peak Sardine catches Sardinops in collapse/anchoveta rising G.D. Sharp
1989 Central California Loma Prieta Earthquake

SFO Version

Hollister, Santa Cruz, north to San Francisco and Oakland devastated, Bridges down, and travel disrupted for many years. Only 68 die G.D. Sharp & News
1988 USA. midlands Drought/crop failures US forced to import grains/1st time Trager
1988 Bangladesh Floods/worst in 70 years 1000s die/millions homeless Trager
1988 East China coast Floods Thousands die/hundreds thousands homeless Trager
1988 California/SW USA Droughts Predators die back/presage rodent blooms Epstein
1988 Kattegat-Skagerak Pinneped die off Growing population/mild weather/virus Dietz et al.
1988 NW Armenia Earthquake R=6.9 Claims up to 25,000 lives News
1988 Brazil Floods/mud slides 117 die Trager
1988-89 Eastern Tropical Pacific ENSO cool event Upper ocean low heat content Sharp and McLain
1987-88 Lake Baikal Baikal seal dieoff Virus Dietz et al.
1986-87 North Carolina Gymnodinium breve bloom Toxic/irritation causing coastal emergence Tester
1987 North Sea/NE USA Seals/Marine mammal die off Associated with warm event/toxins/diseases Epstein
1987 Caribbean/So. Florida coast Coral bleaching/sea grass dies Algal blooms/bleaching, cool freshwater leaks G.D. Sharp
1987 Prince Edward Island 1st Amnesic shellfish poisoning Toxin domoic acid/also California/Scandinavia Epstein
1987 So./central India Very Dry monsoon Strong negative rainfall anomalies/-SOI Kalidas/Sinha
1986 USA Recession continues 60,000 farms are sold/foreclosed Trager
1986 Chile/Peru Coastal upwelling pulses Sardine begins decline/anchoveta outbursts G.D. Sharp
1986-87 Pacific wide ENSO warm event Substantial records of climate anomalies G.D. Sharp
1986 Cameroon Underwater volcano erupts Toxic gas released kills 1,524 Trager
1986 Sahel 1970-85 Drought ends Hundreds of thousands die NOAA
1985 Colombia Volcano erupts 25,000 die Trager
1985 Eastern Tropical Pacific ENSO cool event Upper ocean low heat content G.D. Sharp
1985 Mexico City Earthquake Claims 10,000 lives News
1984 Ethiopia Famine 300,000 die/500,000 more die Trager
1983 USA Worst drought since 1936 Crops down Trager
1984-85 Eastern Pacific Tropical tuna catches peak Due to shoaling of habitat after 25 yr warm trend G.D. Sharp
1983-84 Pacific wide Upper ocean heat loss Reversal of east Pacific heating trend G.D. Sharp
1983-85 Zimbabwe Moderate Rodent infestations Rainfalls follow drought period Chikwenhere
1983 USSR Harvests Better Ý G.D. Sharp
1982 Mexico El Chichon erupts Massive atmospheric aerosol event G.D. Sharp
1982-1994 Global Ocean Red Tides/algal blooms Trend/more frequent widespread occurrences Epstein
1982-83 Chile/Peru Tropical species Outbursts Tropical clams/scallops/fishes bloom locally Arntz/IFOP
1983-86 British Isles westerly circulation returns Ocean production increases Colebrook
1982-83 Pacific-wide/Global Great El Niño floods/droughts Apex of eastern Pacific warming since 1968 - Timeline of 82-83 Event


NPS team

1982-83 So./central India Very Dry monsoon Strong negative rainfall anomalies/-SOI Kalidas/Sinha
1982 USSR Crops in 4th year failure Grain reserves drawn/livestock feed/imports Trager
1981 Eastern Tropical Pacific ENSO cool event Upper ocean low heat content Sharp/McLain
1980 Global AIDS epidemic Bodily fluids exchanged via sex/needles vector Trager
1980 Caribbean Hurricane "David' Dominican Rep./600 die/150k homeless Trager
1980 Brazil Subsidized colonization Devastation of forest/epidemics kill indigents Trager
1980 North Sea Zoo./Phytoplankton minimum 35 year trend reverses/warming begins Colebrook
1980 Western Alaska King crab fishery peaks Precipitous decline begins in 1981 Glantz
1980 Washington State Mt. St. Helens erupts Many die/streams/atmosphere ashed Glantz
1979-80 New England Harbor seal dieoff Warm/large population/virus Geraci et al.
1979 North Sea Herring catches at low Populations return/recolonize old grounds ICES
1979 USSR Crops begin 4 year failure Grain purchases minimize famine Trager
1978 Central California Major Flood/Coastal Valleys Salinas River Floods News
1978 Alaska Walrus dieoff Large population/no known disease Fay&Kelly
1978 Global Recession Unemployment rate rises/money market boom Trager
1977 Somalia World's last case smallpox Virtual eradication of a disease/vaccination Trager
1977 Arab States Cholera epidemic Trager
1977 Pacific basin Low SOI/ little evidence of El Niño COADS
1977 Northern hemisphere Climate Regime Step Raise Global temperatures Likely an Ocean-based heating phenomenon P. Michaels
1977 North Pacific basin More than 40 ocean and ecosystem trends change sign Patterns of species distributions/abundances shift in response to warming C. Ebbesmeyer

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