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Year Locale Event Social Effects Source


Sumatra - Then spread throughout the Indian Ocean

9.0 Richter Earthquake

Sumatra releases another historical Tsunami - and devastation proceeds.

Over 150,000 known deaths - accounts are not complete as many small island and other isolated comunities have yet to be assessed.

Secondary complications include lack of infrastructure, water contamination and basic sanitation issues, and the constant possibilities for disease outbreaks as seasonal weather proceeds, and flooding etc., occurs.

How To Avoid Dying During a Tsunami

Official USGS Earthquake Hazards Posting- Description

A fuller description of the Processeses Involved

Animation link:

Catastrophe's Warning Signs Went Unheeded
After Southeast Asia's massive quake, experts were blind to the threat of a tsunami. Others saw it but were unable or unwilling to act.

What Noone Really Wants to See...

Fishermen and Coastal Communities Suffer

November 2004

California and Western US

Low Temperatures due to clear night skies and deep running Pressure Fields reminiscent of records set 55 to 107 years ago.

Heating oil is sky high, although barrel prices dropped from >$54/barrel to ~$45


Book Reviews in 21st Century Science and Technology magazine - More Hot Air

November 2004

Arctic Ice Melt/Polar Bear and Seal Habitat threatened

the Arctic Climate Impact Assessment (ACIA) report was released by the Arctic Council, a self-described "high-level intergovernmental forum to provide a mechanism to address the common concerns and challenges faced by the Arctic governments and the people of the Arctic."

The report received significant press attention, and has been shown to be seriously unrepresentative of true 'Climate' data - as the records used were far to short-term, and thus not adequate for a realistic Climate Assessment.

Review by George Taylor, Climatologist


His Responses to those who started ranting about his Publicized Critical Insights -

An Example of the Babble he has dealt with...

September- October 2004

Washington State

Mount Saint Helen is rocking, rolling and blowing off steam...

Lots of concerned viewers and downstream concerns...

US Forest Service site

August- September 2004

Caribbean Islands


Gulf of Mexico


Florida, Alabama, Lousiana, and all along the eastern coast into the Carolinas..

Hurricanes Charles,




and Ivan, again...

It's hard to describe the devastation of so many locations in a single sentence - or today given the true long-term consequences.

These will range for each 'event' from the immediate to the eventual - to be felt for generations to come...

Tens of thousands of lives were affected; Billions of dollars in damage was done, and the death toll is still undetailed.


It ain't over yet.

The News is available from prior to each storm, then disappears, and eventually returns as major disaster areas are visited and video-captured for presentation via the braver Broadcasters.

The early messages about Cuba were that huge damages were recorded - then the news faded...

The Florida Keys, and beaches where hundreds of thousands of retirees have vested their lives are in most cases complete rubble, Punta Gorda being the classic, but hardly the only example.

Then, on September 23 there was a hint that Haiti's Isla Tortuga was completely innundated by storm waves, and that the island simply 'disappeared' under the huge waves. Fortunately, UN flight surveys found that not everyone was washed away, but many hundred dead were seen floating on the ocean around the site. Meanwhile, Haiti proper was also seriously affected, and the story is not yet final, or available - for Haiti, Bermuda, Florida, or many other affected regions.

Help will be needed, and will arrive slowly - as the new storms move about their paths...


Pacific Islands

Dr Than Aung presented the latest data on sea-level records in the Pacific at August gathering of scientists and researchers in New Caledonia.

Low-lying Pacific nations are in no danger of disappearing under the sea

"Fears of small nations like Kiribati and Tuvalu
disappearing under the ocean were exaggerated."

Aung said "People will live there for thousands of years yet." & that "countries like Tuvalu did not seem to want to hear that, as they would rather blame Western countries for their perceived predicament."

He predicted Tuvalu would be particularly loud in its complaints in 2006, when its highest levels of tides were due in February, March and April of
that year.




Massive flooding associated with strong monsoon rainfall is erasing towns - and it's not over yet -

Health officials in northern India's Assam state fear an epidemic after the worst flooding there for 15 years. The death toll across the nation is over 700.

Deaths in South Asia's worst monsoon floods for almost a decade - In Bangladesh, the count is already above 1,000 - with forecasters predicting further heavy rain in the coming days. Two thirds of Bangladesh is now under water with as many as 20 million people forced from their homes.


Asia News

July 2004

Nature Article Vs NATURE

On July 1, 2004, the MBH98 "Corrigendum" was published in Nature.

A proper assessment of MBH98 was not published until October 2003, when Canadian analyst Steve McIntyre and University of Guelph economist Ross McKitrick published the results of their rigorous audit study using the MBH98 methodology and corrected data. Their results were dramatically different. McIntyre and McKitrick wrote "Our conclusion, after detailed study of Mann et. al. database is that the "hockey stick" is an artifact of poor data handling, selective use of sources, reliance on obsolete versions of source data and erroneous statistical calculation."

Human-induced global warming enthusiasts and IPCC's Kyoto supporters quickly adopted the Mann, Bradley and Hughes study (Nature 1998), announcing that the recent 20 years Climate was Warmer than any within the preceding Millenium.

Of course, Mann, Bradley and Hughes, and their supporters, vehemently protested, but a science editorial board ordered a correction...

McIntyre and McKitrick maintain that the July 2004 document is a clear admission that the disclosure of data and methods behind MBH98 was materially inaccurate - The original MBH1998 article should never have been published.

To follow the developing controversy, checkout


Also, to track Doug Hoyt's

Scorecard of AGW Hypotheses Failures

May 2004

Barcelona, España

Barcelona's own Ramon Margalef died at age 85

Probably the single most powerful mind in Marine Ecology, left a large legacy in the form of inspired students and several generations of followers.

Obituaries and Credits

and the all-powerful one:

Sciencias Marinas'

February 2004

NW USA/Global Climate


(Mike MacCracken says "...but most glaciers around the world are melting.")

and - Just Plain Media Hype!


Growing Glaciers:

Ablation at Kilimanjaro due to solar radiation: Mölg, T., D. R. Hardy, and G. Kaser, 2003. Solar-radiation-maintained glacier recession on Kilimanjaro drawn from combined ice-radiation geometry modeling, J. Geophys. Res., 108(D23),
4731, doi:10.1029/2003JD003546.

MIT's Carl Wunch et al have focused on Thermohaline Circulation, the Gulf Stream - and other Climate-related forces - as have others, including this Essay by Stefan Rahmstorf

Glaciers: Essentially rivers of ice; the flow into each is precipitation at all places which feed into the ice field minus the outflow from all that ice = the sum of evaporation and melting. This sum depends on
- local temperatures and
- local wind and humidity and
- sunlight less cloud above (which on a world scale is closely correlated to cosmic rays which are inversely correlated to the sun's magnetic field ~solar activity) and then absorbed* by the ice (*does that depend on type of snow?)

Piers Corbyn, Weather Action.

January 27, 2004

Hobart, Tasmania

John Daly,

Author/Editor of

Still Waiting for Greenhouse

website died of heart failure.

Time Out!

We are sad, and frustrated to see an honest sceptic, and advocate pass on -

Maintenance of the Site was immediately supported, and taken up - Jerry Brennan has volunteered to edit and maintain the site -

Any relevant information can be e-mailed directly to Jerry via <>

January 2, 2004


Meteorite Hits Babol northern Iran

Properties damaged...

What's next?




Hopeful for Peace

More Time to Read History

The Elders









Central California suffers R=6.5 earthquake

Winter rainfall from MPH stimulates mudslides, as forecast below

Iran R=6.8 earthquake

Two die in Paso Robles, from quake

Mudslides and rockfalls from mountains into Southern California- dozens die


Over 75% of ancient Bam, Iran missing/dead, 30 thousand and more uncounted as yet across region


October28, 2003




Solar Flares, Coronal Mass Ejections Are making for another exciting few weeks

While Southern California is under the Blistering Heat of Santa Ana Winds - and deadly scortching fires - started on 25 October... next the rain... an mudslides

Solving the mysteries of the relation between solar irradiance and Earth's climate

Hundreds of homes, millions of acres, and many lives are lost, again, to October wild fires, they rage through the underbrush od the canyons -no rainfall yet, and none expected - in time.

Space weather - Today



NE America/Canada




Blackout paralizes Region for days, as finger pointers grope for blame -


After the fact, France defensive about over 10,000 deaths caused by the record heat wave from North Africa

In a matter of moments, when the power went out - literally millions of people started walking - a frustrating exercise as all major transport was either unavailable, or fuel was limited or unattainable.

A nation where air conditioning is not generally necessary, and where the elderly are left to fend for themselves - everyone was on vacation - except the elderly and most vulnerable...



Late July August







South Africa

100.6° F (38.1°C) in Gravesend, Kent- the hottest day in more than 128 years.

Temperatures hot in France, Germany, the UK and Portugal - shattering all time high temperature records 117°F (47°C) in Andalucia, Spain and 106°F (41°C) in Cazaux, France.

Sutherland, South Africa bottomed out at 15°F - 12 degrees below normal for late July.



The sizzling heat wave has claimed 40 lives in Europe during the week 4-11 August.



Long Winter - coldest air of the season has been settling in the Roggeveld Mountains.


Bjorn Lomborg tells all!

"...a global temperature increase does not mean that everything just becomes warmer; it will generally raise minimum temperatures much more than maximum temperatures."


July 21-25









SW France

R=6.2 Dayao, Yunan,

R=6.2 Offshore Sendai

Minimata, Inundation due to slow movement of seasonal weather front

Micro-burst-Straight-line winds, and Wind Shears

Rain, hail and high winds, swept in from the Pyrenees across the south and west of the country

Million affected in SW China, hundreds injured, dozens killed, over 1 million homes destroyed


A few homes destroyed, many landslides

Torrential rains trigger landslide, washes away mountain hamlet, 20 missing, 2 dead

Thunder storms, winds buckle trees, and remove roofs from homes

Worst storms to hit France in years have left at least four people dead and 80 injured.

Vast heatwaves, clear skies in Northern Europe and Australia,

Meanwhile areas of China and Canada are cooling, confounding simple CO2 Global Warming expectations -

"Something is disrupting the entire climate system," said Rajendra Pachauri, the head of the U.N.'s IPPC

World News


Bangladesh, India & Central China

Pre-monsoon Heat Wave - and Monsoon floods

Hundreds of Thousands have been or are being moved out of harms way in the most serious monsoon flooding.

At least 55,000 people are being evacuated in eastern China as authorities rush to cope with flooding along Hongze Lake in the eastern province of Jiangsu. 68,000 people in another flood diversion area in Xuyi county were moved.

>1400 have died in all venues.

ReliefWeb tracking India


ReliefWeb tracking Bangladesh

ReliefWeb tracking China


Washington DC, south to Florida


Mobile Polar Highs drive Jet Stream deeply into mid-latitudes, creating vast dipoles of wet/dry zones as moist airmasses from Tehuantepec and Gulf of Mexico clash in the east, while dry air and strong breezes fan wildfires in 3rd year drought-stricken Arizona.

Floods and generally wet season extends into mid June. Two day Rainfall totals range from 8" to >24" from Washington DC into Florida, while rainfall extends north to Maine.

Small Arizona townships and local enclaves burned down, total houses lost over 250 to date.





Honshu, Japan,

Halmahera, Indonesia

Central California

Major 6.7-7.1 Earthquakes

Minor shuffle in California

M-Class Flare Right On Schedule...05/26/03 - The generally ignored influences of solar flares provides fodder for thought...

Hundreds to thousands die in Algeria

Low density agricultural area of Japan few injuries

Indonesia as yet un-totaled


Mitch Battros



Tornado outbreak week of 4-10 May, 384 tornadoes occurred in 25 states.

Formal record keeping began in mid-1950s, beginning with about 600 events per year, and rising by 14% per year to present rate of 1200 per year.

Millions in property damage losses, and at least 42 deaths. Oklahoma City hit by consequtive day events, that overlapped with 1998, 1999 events.

EOS 84 (20):190 - 20 May


Midwest from Nebraska to Great Lakes to the Carolinas, and North Texas

Spring Storms - deep dives of Jet Stream, induced by Mobile Polar Highs, meet incomig moist tropical air from Gulf and Pacific generate literally hundreds of TORNADOES.

Entire communities erased, many thousands displaced. Most tornado touchdowns in record sets for major area of the SE.



Denver, Colorado

Winter Storm - 90 years have passed since this extreme... 11 feet of snow in some areas

Roofs are collapsing, and people are slowly digging their way out after several days of cold, snow weather



Winter, Winter, everywhere...

" The Guardian last January explained how global warming will bring colder winters to Britain. "The amount of ice melting from the surface of the Greenland ice sheet broke all known records last year, threatening a rapid rise in sea levels and a return to very cold winters to Britain because of a slowing down of the Gulf Stream." So there's the global warming theory to end all climate debate. If it gets cold, it means global warming is setting in..."

Steady seiges of deep dipping Jet Stream, brings snow and sleet all the way along the eastern North American seaboard, from Labrador into into Georgia. There were midland lakes with open water instead of usual ice, but the great lakes and all of eastern Canada are frozen over, and burning heating oil and gas at high cost - due to the Bushit war games, etc.

In an interesting article on Global Warming - er, oops the recent cold winter is missing... The reference to "Environment Canada, propaganda central for the global warming scare" is apt. "Thursday, March 13, 2003
A whole town is frozen solid in Newfoundland, the Great Lakes are sheets of ice, snow is still piled up on Toronto streets, Britain has been caught in a deep freeze, Europeans shivered through January, thousands died in Russia from the cold, rice paddies have turned into
skating rinks in Southeast Asia, people are dying from the cold in Bangladesh, parts of China's Yellow River have frozen over..."

© Copyright

2003 National Post


North America and Otherwhere

The early 1990s Elk Lake varved sediment climate research project provides adequate reasons to dump the IPCC's focus on the recent 1000 years, i.e., the Mann et al. Hockey Stick is just another message-bearer's statistical artifact - generated using selected data to promote Global Warming fears. When compared to other, longer records, Mann et al's 'creation' comes up short, and is a classic example of 'story-telling' from less than adequate information for both GCM Modelers, and the Media babble that follows.

The Controversy within the geosciences about whether or not the Little Ice Age was a Global Phenomenon has been used by the Global Warming is bad proponents, as an excuse to use only the recent 1000 years of climate records as the base from which to define recent Global Change, placing the blame on Humanity's Industrialization, to create unlikely scenarios. IPCC author's unwillingness to deal with known historical facts, e.g., that the Earth is not now nor has EVER been a uniformly responsive entity -I.E. Global Climate cannot be represented by any statistical artifactual Mean.


NGDC Climate Timeline Tool

USGS - The Sun & Climate

Eighty years of Change in SW Desert


Russia & Europe


Nepal through northern India - into Bangladesh

Russia -20C to -42C lows


Three week Cold Spell sweeps in from Nepal southward

Overnight sub-zero weather has killed more than 250 this winter in Russia, as of 01/12/2003

Near freezing temperatures aggravated by chilly winds
raised the total death toll to reach >1000




Available Energy resources are recognizably the single most predictable issue threatening modern society. Despite debatable scenarios from Global Climate Models, and other sources, most of the world is just about as 'advanced' as it can get. Those regions and older cultures without some built in stability are in for a 'ride' on Nature's hip, as their leadership clash over 'ownership' of existing energy resources.

Scams Abound!

Buyers Beware!

We are experiencing the results of the great disparities between cultures with broad middle classes, and those with more U-shaped distributions of wealth. Despite having shirked the obvious "Feudal Baron" analogs, Europeans have migrated, restructured, and re-invented similar Class disparities, readily identified throughout the New World, and their various colonies. The result is a 'warrior' mentality - in which the young and righteous are sent out to fight for the well hidden 'Owners' of the existing energy distribution system(s) - or turf.

Energy outlook for USA:


Energy outlook from Japan


International Energy Agency outlook - until 2030


Beltway Bandit version


Sun's Surface

Solar Cycle 23 just keeps on giving... with the week's DAILY INDICES
2002 Dec 16 193
2002 Dec 17 290
2002 Dec 18 282
2002 Dec 19 221
2002 Dec 20 237
2002 Dec 21 260
2002 Dec 22 210

# RC : Sunspot index from Catania Observatory (Italy)

The extended 'double-peak' has everyone in the various Solar Influences Clubs excited, - and a bit worried - as this could account for the severe Polar Subsidence, and the very strong interactions between a deep-dipping Jet Stream - and the ongoing ENSO Warm Event - reulting in Storms in USA - as well as the various 'Manias' that are firing up the War Mentality for 2003...


North America

Winter2002-2003 Outlook

Newest methods for accounting for Proccesses that affect seasonal weather are expanding, and the resulting projections are improving

Dr. Dewpoint



Tuesday, September 24, 2002 Snowfall!

"...Munich is having the worst Oktoberfest weather in history. Everyone is talking about it. On Tuesday it actually snowed -- the first snow in September on record, apparently ..." 


The first time since 1942 that snow has fallen this early in the year.

Wolfgang Behringer's insightful commentary on Climate Change and Witch Hunting (with references) describes consequences of Dramatic Climate Changes on a hysterical Society.

News and @ 

  Behringer, Wolfgang, 1999, "Climatic Change and Witch-Hunting: The Impact of the Little Ice Age on Mentalities," Climatic Change, 43:335


India & Nepal

Monsoonal rainfall from Nepal south to Bangladesh is once again flooding rivers and innundating floodplains - while drought continues in western half of the nation, creating famine.

Many millions are displaced, thousands have or will have died, as the world's most routine life sustaining weather process yields it's all too frequent catastrophe amongst the marginalized, and badly located developments.



Central & Eastern Europe

This summer the region is suffering some of their worst flooding in recent history - an echo of similar although less severe weather two years ago - not unlike 1890 storms - before GHG Warming Scare began... or the summer 1954 floods - blamed on nulear testing.

Thousands are under threat of evacuation from Prague as its river threatens to surge into the city. Many dozen vacationers have died. At the moment the jet stream is in a very unusual position. It is likely just another hint of the Northern Hemisphere's recent transition from ACI Zonal to Meridional atmospheric circulation form described by Russian geoscientists, Vangengeim (1930s), Dzerdzeevskii (1940-50s), AA Girs (1970-1980s) and recently, Leonid Klyashtorin.


L.B. Klyashtorin 2001, FAO Fisheries Tech. Report 410.

Doug Hoyt pointed out that other major floods in Germany occurred in 1232, 1515, 1534, 1785, 1813, 1816, 1853, and 1855 - most of which were pre-Niño years - see Chronology


Washington DC

Congressional Review of the status of the Global Climate Warming debate by various climate experts does not support the IPCC or EPA's National Assesssment sent off to UNEP in June.

There was virtually no media coverage for the Public of this recent Review, despite it's importance in the present day decision-making process related to this ongoing changes in climate and the US economy. The dominantopinion was that the greatest contributor to the warming signal was land use changes - i.e., urbanization.

Personal Communication from review panel participant - James J. O'Brien, Florida State Climatologist, Director of Center for Ocean Analysis and Prediction, FSU.











Multiple Earthquakes, R=6.0-7.2

R= 6.0

>1000 died in multiple quakes over several months.



>40 die, thousands homeless



An entire class of children killed in the southern village of San Giuliano di Puglia when their school building collapsed.



Western USA

Pre-ENSO Warm Event Draught-induced forest fires appear from Texas to the Rockies, westward and north from San Diego Co. to southern Oregon.

Large tracts of forested landscapes ranging from river valleys to mountain ranges displace thousands from their homes, and cause general health hazards - while firefighters die in aircraft incidents throughout...


and other Historical Fires


Extra-Tropical Forests

Esper, J., Cook, E.R. and Schweingruber, F.H. 2002. Low-frequency signals in long tree-ring chronologies for reconstructing past temperature variability. Science 295: 2250-2253.

The "Hockey Stick " creation of Mann et al. (1998,1999) that introduced a novel climate history that denied the Medieval Warm and the Little Ice Age periods, to bolster the concept of CO2-caused Global Warming, has been more than adequately debunked.

Idso and Idso

Effects of temerature on Forests



LTER ( Long-term Ecological Research) Study in Antarctica's Dry Valleys reported that "The average air temperature at the Earth's surface has increased by 0.06 degrees Celsius per decade during the 20th Century, and by 0.19 degrees C per decade from 1979 to 1998."

"...previous claims that Antarctic is warming may have been skewed because the measurements were taken largely on the Antarctic Peninsula." where the influences of the upper ocean circulation from the Events from equatorial Warm Pool are greater than the southern hemisphere's continental climate processes.

Antarctic climate cooling and terrestrial ecosystem response. P. T. DORAN, J.C. PRISCU, W.B. LYONS, J.E. WALSH, A.G. FOUNTAIN, D. M. MCKNIGHT, D.L. MOORHEAD, R.A. VIRGINIA, D.H. WALL, G.D. CLOW, C. H. FRITSEN, C.P. MCKAY & A.N. PARSONS. Nature,13 January 2002


Joughin + Tulaczyk, Science, vol. 295, p.476, 18 Jan. 2002.

News - Site Links


Sydney, Australia

Australia's cycle of wet and drought has vast tracts of landscape around Sydney aflame, killing local wildlife, and threatening urban housing.

Who can understand those who are adding to the danger by setting fires? Such acts of arson are usually a sign of a damaged economy, and the lengths to which some people will go yo generate jobs - fighting fires...

CNN News



January 2000 Vs December 31, 2001

"Massive icebergs and an unprecedented amount of sea ice have nearly isolated one of Antarctica's largest populations of Adelie penguins, jeopardizing attempts by the birds to breed, scientists report.

What if the problem had been ice thinning?

The GHWarming mobs would be beating at the gates!

David Ainley of H.T. Harvey & Associates, ecological consultants, said the numbers of Adelie penguins is on the "low side" at Cape Crozier, threatening the survival of the colony, and that a smaller Adelie colony at nearby Cape Royds will "fail totally". A colony of 1,200 Emperor penguins at Cape Crozier also failed to raise chicks this year.



USA, 20th Century

USGS lists Major Floods, Hurricanes, Flash Floods, extensive snowmelt along with seasonal rainfall, and just plain heavy rain.

Death, displacements, property damage...

Thomas H.Yorke & Charles A. Perry/USGS Kansas


Algiers, Algeria

Worst rainfall in over 20 years. More rain expected.

Floods sweep away hundreds, as deluge hits on market day.



USA and Abroad

Many US Black heritage families seeks reparation for being 'enslaved, and used" by America in it's early commerce.

Many of these same people have little or no sense of how the still continuing peopling of the America's 1st took place - and who profited - as well as who propheted - often creating the original problems - and mis-directing those affected by suggesting that Islam's father figure- Mohammed - was a black man.

A look into Africa's history is a good place to start.

Somali, Ethiopians and other African regions have traded qat (also spelled ghat, chat, kat, etc.) via coastal sefarer cultures for centuries, along with many other trade items - including women.

The Slave trade was alive and thriving in Precolonial Africa.

Somalia played an important role in Indian Ocean slave trade.


Marrakech, Morocco

Climate Talks in Marrakech - COP 7: International climate change negotiators reached agreement today on a complex set of decisions spelling out rules for implementing the Kyoto Protocol.


The US has no intention of ratifying the agreement.

The Protocol establishes three market-based mechanisms aimed at achieving emissions reductions as cost-effectively as possible.

1) emissions trading (the buying and selling of emissions credits among Annex I countries, which are those with binding emission targets);

2) Joint Implementation (allowing one country with a target to receive emissions credit for a specific project undertaken in another country with a target); and

3) the Clean Development Mechanism, or CDM (allowing developed countries to receive emissions credit for financing projects that reduce emissions in developing countries).

Pew Climate Center

(for details - and a lot of hypothetical dramatics on the subject of Global warming)


Mahinog, Phillippines

Tropical storm Lingling brought two days of downpours, and water spouts into resort Island, devastation the worst in 50 years

~ 400 dead or missing to date

Other provinces suffered extensive damage including a collapsed mine tunnel that trapped 14 miners in Cebu.



Hyderabad, India

Despite early onset of Indian Monsoon season, and a slightly below average Monsoon season - post season cyclone has caused flooding -

worst in 40 years

~100 dead or missing to date - 50,000 people evacuated from low lying areas have taken refuge in 126 relief camps in five districts - slow disaster relief effort and official blundering in the opening of a dam's flood gates, innundating Cuddpah and surroundings -Angry residents locked up local lawmaker




Hurricane Iris - 140mph

More than 15,000 people homeless



Taiwan, China

& related Western Pacific

Typhoon Nari

- 73-hour deluge-

36" of RAIN!

Typhoon Lekima may bring more rainfall

Typhoon Nari, hovered over Taiwan Sept. 16 - Sept. 19, caused the worst flooding in northern Taiwan's history - killed 90 people - shut down the city's underground rail and subway systems, forcing hundreds of thousands of commuters onto the roads.

Taipei Times





North, Northeastern Thailand




Western USA

Storms in the northeast Golestan and Khorasan provinces of Tehran - worst flooding in the region in 200 years.

24 Northern provinces affected by rain and flash flooding.

Droughts, and warm dry lightning storms have created literally hundreds of fires, large and small. This year by mid August there were more than 2.3 million acres burned, still behind 5 million acre total in the year 2000.

1,500 houses destroyed

> 500 dead or missing.


Over one hundred dead, many still missing as searches continue.

Major fires continue to burn in Oregon and Washington, California, Nevada, Idaho, Montana, Texas, Wyoming, Arizona and Oklahoma, with over 21,000 firefighters deployed throughout.



Orissa, India,

Seoul, South Korea

July Monsoon Floods affected more than 6000 villages along Orissa state's coast, as 10 rivers overflowed their banks.

Overnight rainfall floods Seoul & surrounding areas - death toll mounting.

Floods destroy millions of homes and many die, livestock threatened, all along low-lying coastal areas where poverty and marginalization affect major portions of population...

World News


Siberia, Russia

Early Spring Floods on the Lena river inundate Lensk and Yakustk

'Worst in over 100 years' Floods destroy hundreds of homes and many die, livestock threatened.




"Rolling Blackouts"

Denial and Greed work well together, and 'deregulation' proves its pointlessness as the 'energy barons' line their pockets ... Despite warnings re oil and gas declines, and obvious consequences, citizens are feeling the squeeze, for earth's limited resources...

Collin Campbell; Daniel Yergin; William Catton; Herman Daly; Richard Duncan, et al..


Alaska - Arctic National Wildlife Reserve

An excellent article by Amory Lovins.

In the early 1970s Louvins projected that the US energy use could nearly flatten out with conservation measures - at a time when many economists were saying there was an inextricable link between energy consumption and gross domestic product. Conventional wisdom projected that energy use would rise in lock-step with GNP at 2% a year. Louvins was much closer to the truth!

Barbara Levi, Ed. of Physics Today

March 28, 2001


Giant Sun Spot, amongst a relatively low number within a background of declining solar activity

Solving the mysteries of the relation between solar irradiance and Earth's climate


March 2001

Puno - Lake Titicaca

Heavy rainfall in the high Andes from violent storms has lake levels at highest levels since 1986

Totora reed islands, home to several hundred decendents of the ancient Uru people face becoming waterlogged, and losing their buoyancy, forcing inhabitants ashore.


February 2001

Tacoma-Seattle Washington

6.7 Richter Scale Earthquake

Only one life lost, but over $2 Billion damage done to buildings, bridges, and infrastructure


January 2001

January 1, Mindanao, Philippines, 7.5M

January 13, Off Coast of Central America, 7.7M

February 13, El Salvador, 6.6M; Through May, many Strong Aftershocks

January 26, Ahmedabad, India, 7.7M

M = Richter Scale

No Reports from Philippines?

At least 844 people killed, 4,723 injured, 108,226 houses destroyed and more than 150,000 buildings damaged in El Salvador.

At least 30,000 people confirmed killed, 166,812 injured, 600,000 homeless and extensive damage in Gujarat. At least 18 people killed and some injured in southern Pakistan.

National Earthquake Information Center - News

2001 Inner Mongolia - China New Year's Eve, the Xilin Gol Meng, Xingan Meng, Hu Meng, Chifeng and Tongliao areas of Inner Mongolia experienced the worst snow-and-sand storm in 50 years. Thousands of people face starvation after a devastating snow-and-sand storm that began in northern China on New Year's Eve and killed at least 21 people - 10 percent of the area's 10 million head of livestock may not make it ASIANOW
2001 Siberia - Russia Cold weather -40C daytime temperatures and power failures. Thousands of people face freezing temperatures as power stations that normally heat homes fail, and electricity use trips circuits. ASIANOW
2001 South Africa Anchovy biomass attains highest recorded level, which will help the many species of seabirds that have been in decline in recent years.

207% increase in the TAC was good news when the 2001 anchovy fishing season opens l5 January 2001. - May also help the African Penguins recover that were severely affected by the June 2000 Treasure oil spill -

SA Gov/Rob Crawford
2001 Earth Finally, the long-awaited, "New Millennium" celebrates the Christian era, but denies that many older cultures have other reference dates, that start their calenders... One of the major losses to society has been the disconnect of much of the world's population from their own history, and that of other, even older cultures. G.D. Sharp - Personal thoughts, and one of the primary reasons that I began this CHRONOLOGY- so that others might connect with their peers, and develop proper respect - even awe - for one another's roots, and differences.
2001 Somewhere Another three children are born every second...

More competition, strife, and uncertainty...

We are still waiting for another Nikolas Telsa, or ???

Muséé de L' Homme

Paris, France


North America



Cold Winter Weather in this, "the Warmest Year on Record" did not create the "Energy Crisis"

Greed Did!

Why are common resources such as oil and water 'privatized', sold and resold to individuals, rather than shared in response to local needs?


Manipulated Energy availabilities, electrical delivery system malfunctions, and destabilization of energy costs, due to irresponsible deregulation of energy companies has created hardship and economic chaos for millions.

Roving Blackouts, in the mid-2000 early summer, until the 'planned' October maintenance schedule that would take several of California's primary energy plants offline, suggest that deregulation of the US Power Generation Industry is a public tragedy in the making.

Lessons, anyone?

2001 Urban Earth Look this over and then Match up UK's - Climatologist PD Jones' Global Temperature Measurement Sites and the Night Time Image at head of this page suggests that Urban_Heat_Island effects must be accounted for, before pretending to model future Global Climate scenarios. Then there are the Snow Jobs from the New York Times, et al.


The Cutting Edge featured in Nature's recent Global Warming articles discuss the two sides of the CO2 sequestration issue, and prove the point that some ideas (c.f. Cox et al. 2000. Nature, 408, 184­187) are just not up to scientific standards.

The issue is really about Climate Modeler's Credibilities, in general, not really so much about their models...

Isn't it amazing how science based on faith in computer models is harder to change than open science based on facts? - Al Pekarek

2001 Florida, USA

Here we go again:

Record cold temperatures are threatening diverse marine life.Water temperatures have plunged; turtles are washing up on beaches; three manatees had to be rescued after they tried to warm up in the outflow of a power station; and in the Florida Keys, biologists are trying to identify the source of a mystery bug which is killing pelicans.

Scientists are testing for fish poisoning and red tide - a poisonous algae

This same season, in 1983-84, 1986,-87 and 1987-88, Cold Outbreaks from Arctic Mobile Polar High pressure systems swept into the southeast, to the southern tip of Florida, creating a very harsh freeze that affected shore life, birds, reptiles and mammals, from The Keys, north to Georgia. Orchards froze to the ground. Lakes overturned, killing fish, and cold water stream flows caused havoc amongst coastal corals, algae, and many terrestrial plants.

Its not that unusual.



GDS/NWS records.

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