The Sun Made Me Do It !

Do What?

Historical Views of Solar Observations,

a Spectacularly

Singular Perspective On Sun Spots -

And An Analysis of Solar Cycles

Living on a Warm Wet Planet Perturbed By Cold Events:

The CO2 story: Why More than 14,000 Scientists signed a petition to

Have our leadership RETHINK the Global Warming Crisis

and the Necessary


While most others fret over tomorrow, or next year, or even next century, climate researchers look backward through available records, and proxies to get answers to the questions about previous variations in global climate. They presume very little. They do, however, have to develop a realistic sense of TIME.

Paleoscientists have important insights that need to be better publicized:

How about a Tree Ring Circus???

PaleoScience: Developing a Sense of Time!

Time and History, have mostly been dealt with via "stories". His stories or Her stories are most often today illuminated using various graphical methods that often relate time in a quasi-linear fashion. This is, of course very difficult to do. Although authors such as Nigel Caulder (1983) have made attempts at coiling or somehow folding the known time stream so that modern man does not disappear from perspective. In fairness to the large numbers involved, evolution from primate ancestors to 21st century humanity has taken place within a relative blink of the eye, in the context of earth's formation, and far less in the Universal Context.

Paleo-research methods are very logical, although generally under appreciated. The participants at Pacific Climate Conferences first held each year at Asilomar on Monterey Bay, and now at the Wrigley Institute for Environmental Studies on Catalina Island, have provided insights that helped me to integrate much of the content of this site. I won't blame anyone but myself for gross mistakes.





Useful answers always depend upon getting

the questions right - first.





History (her story) has evolved along with humanity, from oral transfers from one generation to another of wisdoms and memories - to stone tablet - to scroll - to hand inscribed volume - onto Gutenburg's print shop legacy - onward to digital files.

Digital Donuts

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