2005 and ONWARD!

Return Home or 2001-2004; 1998-2000 ;1991-1997;1977-1990; 1967-1976; 1953-1966; 1930-1952;

1896-1929;1864-1895; 1817-1863; 1739-1816; 1671-1738; 1600-1670; 1531-1599;

1295-1529; 400-1294; 2200BC-309AD; 25ka-2250BP; 4.6Billion - 36kaBP...


Post Catastrophic Progress, the World is Changing, and

We are still The Problem...

Some People are Mis presenting Facts -

From the Arctic Climate Impact Assessment (ACIA) report

that stresses that 'extreme and dangerous' trend, etc...

While others are making the records not so Straight,

But More Complete, Thus More Meaningful...

The Long-Term Pattern From OSU Climatologist George Taylor's Report -

That show the recent decade is Not Yet as warm as past records,

Like So Many Others...

As clearly described by Dr. Robert E. Steveson back in 2000,

OCEAN WARMING/COOLING is NOT About Humans...    

The Most Recent Fiasco - Steve McIntyre points out the Glitch in the GISS USA Weather Records after 2000 - 
Upon which Hansen et al base their phony claim - 
"1998 warmest ever"... 
Quantifying the Hansen Y2K Error - by Steve McIntyre - 

and then

We look at Northern Europe - an analysis by Timo Niroma, Solar Advocate  -

Plus his home town - Helsinki, Finland

Meanwhile- look at other regions, such as Australia (or California's Trends by population size or by Location, as provided by James Goodridge, 55 year veteran State Climatologist)

The Role Of Urbanization and associated Heat Island phenomena are evident:

Australia's Cities


Then in Brazil - 

Sao Paolo went from a few hundred thousand to Post WWII growth to ~ 20 million

over this graph's time scale:

Sao Paolo Brazil Temperature Series

Meanwhile only 950 or so kilometers inland is the Mission San Juan Bautista Paraguay - 

a relatively small community:

San Juan Bautista Brazil Temperature series


San Juan Bautista Paraguay & Sao Paulo Brazil Map

What Do You Think Causes the Trends in Cities?


Then, for those who have never looked at the dates of the

Hi and Lo Temperature Records for Each of the States in the USA

Everyone has a Right To Their Opinions - But - Facts Count... 

Well, lets look at CO2 vs Population Size for the recent Two Centuries or so...

Then perhaps, instead of blaming People - Look at Climate History (Temperature) and CO2 levels

or at NCDC Paleo Data Series


Look Down, Then Around, and Then - Maybe At the MOON

Check Out The State of the World Ocean

Links to Myriad Sites About the Oceans and Their Inhabitants

Seismological Monitoring 1A

The Real Climate Change Issue - Facts or Religion

The Ocean Acidification Game!

Starck Reality - Check Out http://www.goldendolphin.com/

Click on ECO ISSUES at the left/bottom

And Arctic Sea Ice - Anyone linked Polar Ice Changes to E N SO Yet Again ???

 More About the Blizzard of OZ

Olde News About Suppression of SCIENCE

Getting the Numbers Right - Claims vs Numbers

What? Fewer Tropical Storms ?? ?

And Those Shrinking Glaciers ALL Around the Globe !! - ? ??



                                          about the Rotating Earth


Looking back at the Wars and Economic Crises of the 20th Century,     

Let's NEVER Forget that Lots of Wars/Changes Occured Before...

.REFERENCES (contact <gsharp@redshift.com> for more info)


To 2001-2004 or

Year Locale Event Source

2013 -

Deep Meridional Pressue Cells Affect Jet Stream, and Cause Extreme Weather - From Hurricane Sandy's Collision with the Jet Stream - but -It Is Not Unusual, Just part of another Cycle =  re Klyashtorin & Lyubushin's Studies
TOM HARRIS, director of the International Climate Science Coalition (ICSC), delivered at a branch of the Ottawa Public Library. Explaining History and Ongoing Changes - in Contrast to AGW $ALE$men
PJ Media

2013 - January/February
Global Perspective

January was a mild and dry month for the contiguous U.S. but one of the coldest on record for Alaska. Excessive rainfall induced flooding conditions in parts of Australia and Brazil. A massive cold wave began to affect Europe towards the end of the month. A powerful Category 4 tropical cyclone swirled in the waters between Madagascar and Mozambique in Africa. The coldest summer maximum temperature ever recorded in Australia was measured on January 11th.

February was notable weather-wise for the extreme cold wave and snow that affected a large part of Europe, excessive rains and flooding in Australia, two strong tropical storms that caused flooding and fatalities, in Madagascar, and a major snowstorm in Colorado that occurred in spite of a generally warmer than normal month in the United States. California wrapped up its 2nd driest climatological winter on record.
Weather Underground News
2012 -

SH Winter
South Africa
In Ushuaia an entire neighborhood had to be evacuated because the cold froze water pipes and blocked natural gas valves. No heating, no cooking, streets with 2.5 metres of snow. In two weeks snowed more than an entire normal winter season. And winter hadn't begun yet!

Flooding, Snow and Cold to Freezing Temperatures on the South African Penninsula -
2012 Europe Many Rivers Froze, Snow from the UK well into Italy south to Rome, and Eastern Europe's Lows Kill Hundreds - while Thousands of Serbian Villagers are trapped in Snow News

All Right On Track with Projections by
JO Fletcher, Jack Eddy, Leonid Klyashtorin,
 and Theadore Landscheidt -
and Months Ahead Forecasts by Piers Corbyn -

All of Whom Pay/ed Attention to The SUN!
2012 North America -

After a relatively Mild Winter -

Wildfires Rage from the eastern Slopes in washington, southward into Arizona - and eastward all along the Rockies - with many occuring after the Dry Heat Wave from Arkansas into the NE -
Summer Record Highs in the
NW Plains, and From Kansas, North Dakota into the East Coast as the Overlying Flat Jet Stream and Deep Cold Troughs to the east and west - suck Hot wet air in from Mexico -
Hurricane Debby Floods western/northern Florida -

with some Record Lows in California, Arizona and Louisiana -
Weather Underground, NASA and NOAA

US WildFire Maps

with a little History
and maybe Where Weather Comes From
2012 Solar System Projection of Solar Activity

NASA Projects
2010-2011 Pacifc Rim/Ocean

Aleutian Islands Alaska - Papua New Guinea

12/2010 Honshu = 7.4
3/2011 Tohoku/Sendai = 9.0
4/2011 Hunshu = 7.1

Earthquakes in Chile,
2/2010, Maule = 8.8
3/2010, Pichilemu = 6.9
1/2011, Auracania = 7.1

Ecuador, 8/2010 = 7.1
Baja California 4/2010 = 7.2

New Zealand,
9/2010 Canterbury = 7.1
9/2010 White island = 6.4
2/2011 Christchurch = 6.3

2010 Moro Gulf = 7.3

12/2010/Vanuatu = 7.3
Japan in Press

Will the Pacific Northwest


Californai be Next?


Lessons Anyone?

All Around the World

The Prophets are Waiting
2010-2011 Winter Starts with lots of Cold and Snow with Warm/Wet in between Northern Hemisphere is undergoing intensive Mobile Polar Highs - thus shifting the jetstream equatorward and Cold Airmasses meet the warmer wetter Equatorial Fronts creating snowfalls with warm/drier intervals between these Cold Fronta Zones Northern Hemisphere Snow Extent Second Highest on Record

Only Folks who have never read Marcel Leroux's work would believe the ongoing European weather is a 'freak' pattern -
then there is Media Hyped Junk Science  

Natural Cycles - including the low solar activity are right on schedule

Southern Hemisphere  Killer Cold Waves affecting both livestock and people  Argentina, Uruguay, Peru In PeruUruguay, Argentina, Chile, and Bolivia
2010 Northern Hemisphere

Summer Heatwave
United States, Kazakhstan, Mongolia, Taiwan, China, North Africa and the European continent, parts of Canada, Russia, Indochina, South Korea and Japan


2010 North America, Europe India and
Cold Winter, Lots of Snow and Ice - Coldest since 1985 or so... Accuweather, Farmer's Almanac, and on they go...
2009 Global Hacking of the computer files  of the Climate Research Unit at East Anglia has opened the doors to too many questions... Previous Decade's descriptions of the IPCC and it's Gamers -

Steve Schulin's statement about the recent letter to Senator's signed by 18 US 'scientific association heads' re CO2 -
2009 Finland Timo Niroma died -
Starting a huge gap in our understanding of the Solar System's influences on Earth's Climate -
His final Update of his Work is found here -
2009 New Mexico
John (Jack) Eddie Passes-
June 14th -
An Honest, Major Contributor to Astrophysics and Earth's Climate - WE ARE ALL
Waiting for the 'Eddie Minimum'

Connection Between the Earth's Climate and the Sun -

Transcript of Historical 4/1/1999 AGU Interview 

2009 Australia and Beyond
I was visited by Bob Foster -
his wife and In-law Family -
and we chatted about the
Duel of Hypotheses
Then lunch at Phil's Fish Market - then we came back to view the two hour Joseph Fletcher's 2000  21st Century Climate Forecast
Dr. Floor Anthony on the subject 
What is Happening to Our Sea

Warwick Hughs' Commentaries on
Media Science Vs Reality

A note about the poorly recognized, long gone John Daly, and the mess that is today's  sources of information -
2009 Global June 5th - an important event in the global warming debate occurred, with the release of Climate Change Reconsidered, - an 880-page book produced by the Nongovernmental International Panel on Climate Change.
2009 Earth Various Regions suffer record Cold/Snow/etc. while others enjoy Warm/Dry. It is another sign of the times -
given the failure of IPCC GCM forecasts to match the ongoing changes - around the Globe -
and it sure is not just about CO2 -
2008 - 2009 Earth Cooling Timo Niroma's forecast is closer - and ominous -
given the potential for another minimum -
and related climate cooling -
2008 Mars Phoenix Missions lands a smart probe on Mars -  NASA

2008 China,
Sichuan Province
7.9 Earthquake

6.0 Aftershock(s)
News Media
2008 Southern Chile
Chaiten Volcano
News -

"There are 25 million to 30 million people that live very close to at least one of these potentially active volcanoes in the Andean Arc, including the cities of Quito and Santiago," said CU-Boulder geological sciences Professor Stern. "This is a good example of what could happen at any time in the region, and it is fortunate the Chaiten eruption is occurring in a pretty sparsely populated area."

"The volcano went into a higher state of activity this morning," Stern. "What happens after today is anybody's guess."

In addition to covering towns and villages and polluting air and water, the ash fall will undoubtedly affect agricultural and ranching activities, Stern said. "Because there is relatively little precipitation in the region of Patagonia east of the volcano, it will take a long time to naturally wash the ash from the landscape."

Stern and Jose Naranjo of the National Service of Geology and Mining, who published a 2004 paper in the journal "Geology of Chile," used radiocarbon methods to date the last eruption of Chaiten and concluded the eruption generated layers of volcanic tephra on the surrounding landscape up to five feet thick. The same prehistoric eruption apparently created the two-mile-diameter crater where the current eruption is centered, the authors said.

Stern said the possibility of the Chaiten volcano affecting Earth's climate is probably fairly low. "In to order to significantly affect the climate, a volcano has to put out a lot of sulfur dioxide aerosols into the stratosphere for an extended period, which then reflects sunlight away from the Earth,"
 "Our data from Chaiten showed the last eruption was high in silica and low in sulfur."
2008 Myanmar/
Cyclone Nargis News
UN rep says -
Aid delivery will be a major logistic problem -
It was and continues to be...

Myanmar Cyclone Logistics
2008 Arctic
Return of the Arctic Sea Ice -
Nothing New - Given the Information that Joseph Fletcher - died July 6th - shared with me over many years since we met back in 1986 -

He had seen the Arctic ice cover shift from full to minimal coverage many times since he started flying over the Arctic in the 1940s - before setting up the 1st Ice-Island Observation Camps -
Then there are the Comparisons of the Staellite data since 1989 - with earlier/longer data sets

Canadian Ice Service

The Cryosphere Today

National Snow and Ice Data


Polar Fiction

Polar Bear Hearing: Armstrong Testimony

Richard Glenn Testimony

Inhofe vs Al Gore
2008 Global Despite the Known History of Global Warming -
The Debate over AGW Consensus Goes On
 - and -
- and -
So On!

George Carlin Dies June 23 -
But His Perspectives - Live On!

Climate Change Facts Anyone?

The IPCC Reviewed -

There Are Real Issues -
Around the Globe - BUT AGW is Way Down the List...

Global Warming and Nature's Thermostat - Roy W. Spencer,

Reid Bryson, one of Weather Forecasting's 'Fathers' -
 AGW Facts - & Fiction

Cold Facts About GW

2007/2008 Global La Niña Updated news About Rossby Waves and Ocean Heat Transport Across the Globe - per Eddies and Wave Dynamics in the Indian Ocean -
The basics of Todays Satellite Tracking of Upper Ocean Features -
Andrew Dessler - dilemmas - in Physician - Heal Thyself
October 2007 Nobel Peace Prize  -
IPCC & Al Gore 'share the wealth'


Maybe the Nobel Fleece Prize?

Grin - & Bear IT!
Nobel Ink:
Last Sentence:
"Action is necessary now, before climate change moves beyond man’s control."

John Christy - on IPCC's Level of Ignorance...

Taipei News:

Energy Bulletin:

Bayou Buzz:

Sydndey Morning Herald:

William Gray - Speak UP!

Christopher Monckton of Brenchley's 35 Errors in AIT:

Maybe Windfarms will earn the Nobel Pox Prize?
2007 -
USA Steve McIntyre finds faults in the NASA/GISS US Temperature data used in James Hansen's repeated media over-estimations of recent Temperatures - Thus, given the NASA/GISS error these were not quite record temperatures and one wonders about the supposedly 'scary' - likely future scenarios... Probably the worst example of the sort of 'over-statement' that the public continuously faces - by Agency and Political folks who are immersed in the quest for funding - rather than the Quest for 'Truth'.

My own family history is laden with 'facts' from the mid- 1930 Dustbowl days - when the farmers in North Texas, Kansas and eventually throughout the mid-west suffered huge droughts, extreme temperatures - etc. - All well documented in the film series by Pare Lorentz -
The success of these projects led Roosevelt to establish the United States Film Service in 1938 under Lorentz' direction. The USFS was active until 1940, when Congress cut off its funding - per usual...

Meanwhile -
Hansen Gets Mugged -
again -
CO2 Science Critique of Hansen Testimony 4/2007

 Muddling vs Modeling
What Causes What - Debate:
2007 Europe, Great Britain/Scotland

 - and -

East Africa

- and -

the Agulhas Current Shifts to creat a Warmer SE Coast - and the Fish Follow -
Heavy Weather

WARNINGS OF SURPRISE FLOODS which the Met Office wouldn't see coming issued by Weather Action 4 days before the floods.
- Wet period 12th-14th June first forecast by Weather Action 6 months ahead.
- 16th-19th June will be finer than Met Office say.
- Another serious deluge with dramatic thunderstorms 24th-26th June.
I knew floods were coming:

Other Comments from GB

Elgin UK Flood History

Forres UK Flood History

Rothes Scots Flood History

Meanwhile, back at the Mill -

The Environment Agency  spokesman Anthony Perry said: "We have not seen flooding of this magnitude before. The benchmark was 1947 and this has already exceeded it."

What about those earlier Floods that set all the real records???

 Then, we find that in East Africa - Sunspot abundance linked to heavy rains ...
intense rainfall in the region often leads to flooding and disease outbreaks.

The analysis by a team of U.S. and British researchers shows that unusually heavy rainfalls in East Africa over the past century preceded peak sunspot activity by about one year. Because periods of peak sunspot activity, known as solar maxima, are predictable,
the researchers propose - so too are the associated heavy rains that precede them.
2007 Pacific Basin - "Ring of Fire"


The Earth has about 10 earthquakes  greater than magnitude 5 every day -


Lunar Eclipse & Earthquakes, etc.

Here are the dates of full lunar eclipses from 2001 to 2007
2001 Jan 09
2003 May 16
2003 Nov 09
2004 May 04
2004 Oct 28
2007 Mar 03

When to Expect the Next Lunar Eclipse
Mitch Battros
Earth Changes Media
August 6, 2007


StarrySkies - What is a Lunar Eclipse?
2007 Global The News Media is Finally Letting Go of the One-Way Global Warming-Think that has been ongoing for over a decade -
You can finally get some facts and opinions that are Not Deadly

The upcoming IPCC 2007 Report -
well disguised...
but not all science.
Nir Shaviv takes on the IPCC  science - and basis of their doom-and-gloom scenarios.

James Hansen's Congressional Testimony on Carbon Dioxide and Global Change: Takes Gas from experts who work at
Separating Scientific Fact from Personal Opinion

When Will Media Report the Kyoto Carbon Con?

Media Ignore Al Gore’s Financial Ties to Global Warming

Ernst Beck's Presentation on the History of CO2

David Archibald's .pdf -    Failure To Warm Presentation:
2007 Global Extensive interests in the ongoing changes in oceanographic conditions along with many other issues have caused a lot of changes recently in the availability and thus web-site development... Real Time Analyses of SSTs

While Anomalies were of great interest - they seems to have become harder to find -
The Japanese website here is working away on these issues.

Higher resolution aspects of these data are offered by the GODAE Pilot Project

And then there is Cloud Cover - the major interference with SST satellite measurements

IPCC et al Know what is Needed - But - When  ???

2007 Asilomar, Monterey Bay 23rd Pacific Climate Conference
May 13-16
The Announcement/Schedule and - Proceedings, abstracts and eventual CD with all of the material will appear in about two years - as the documents are completed, and funding appears.
2007 Washington DC
April 17th Congressional Hearing - Subcommittee on Fisheries, Wildlife and Oceans: “Wildlife and Oceans in a Changing Climate”
My Invitation:

Congressional Committee Hearing site:

My own Testimony:

My Answers to the Follow-up Questions:

Some interesting links to John Everett's various websites:

UN Ocean Atlas -

Climate Change Facts:

Fortunately, I did not have to pay my own way to and from -

Thank You! Marshall Institute.

Some Very Useful, and up to date insights into the Ocean Acidification Issue:



Lots to Learn...
2007 Global
NCAR's Michael H Glantz Updates the Perspectives on El Niño/La Niña  & ENSO

The US Climate Prediction center provides the SOI values since 1950 -

 While Australia's CSIRO have SOI data back into the 1860s -

The fundamental message as I read these records -
 "Never the same Twice"
"The Potential Use and Misuse of El Niño Information in North America"
2007 Global News Media Nightmare Generation
CO2 & Other GHG
Nir Shavir - CONSequences

March 2007 Senate hearing - Gore Vs EveryFact -

 Fluorocarbons & SFl6

NAS Science Museum

Weather and Climate
2006 Pacific Basin Western USA has delayed winter- and 130-150% precipitation


Early ENSO Warm Event - weak version
Unusually wet and resulting oceanographic consequences puzzle Scientists - OSU Marine Science Center

Theodore Landscheidt's last ENSO forecast comes in right on schedule -

Other More Likely Forcing -

2006 Black Sea Continuous Changes Ascherson, N. Black Sea. 1998
Sorokin Yu.I. Black Sea Ecology and Oceanography. (2002)
Zaitsev Yu., Mamaev V. 1997 Biological Diversity in the Black Sea: A study of change and decline. 


Remembering Global Cooling? 

Media Hype - More and More...

Senator Inhofe is called names for being careful...

James Hansen's claim about 'Censorship'  makes headlines - Why?

Then there was the Great debate over What Hurricanes are All About... mostly confused by those just recently starting to look into Tropical oceans and their influences...

Hansen and others make claims about Global Warming that Other Real Experts just don't Buy - In fact, They debunk much of the mythology promoted in Gore's Hansenesque Movie...

NCAR's Solar Activity Model results are Posted
NASA's Forecast for the same period

They are simply opposites.

And as The ESA/NASA SOHO Program calms down - Paal Brekke is back in Norway - working toward the future monitoring of the Sun, et al...

As we near the end of 2006 -
 75 year old William Gray, Premier Hurricane Forecaster makes his point!

Despite FSU's Grant for developing a Hurricane Forecast Model - We will be losing Direction as folks like James O'Brien Retire -
as their past efforts have been very substantial, and informative...

And then there are those Media folks:

MaryAnn Johanson's
"I've Been Gored"


San Francisco, not Alaska?

EXXON-Mobile Corp was actively urging a federal appeals court to erase the $5Billion in damages an Alaska jury awarded those affected by the 1989 Valdez Oil Spill.




20 years after Challenger's Cold Day Catastrophe, NASA GISS claims the warmest January for the USA - But February in the east tells another tale.

History, before my own eyes...

Hansen's Courtroom Roots

Facts really do matter, as in the State by State Records of Hi and lo temps...


Global Means



Multiple Claims of



As Warm As -

The gory details:

Or Maybe... Just More Media Babble

Canadian Climatologist, Tim Ball, pointed out that these results are based on insufficient sample points given what we know about regional climate differences. As H.H.Lamb noted you can have completely different trends for as much as 100 years in different regions.

There are several levels of climate variation - with geography being a major contextual variable.


Tim Ball <timothyball@shaw.ca>

"Eduardo Ferreyra" <funareco@gmail.com>


Arthur Rorsch of Nederlands looked at the records for De Bildt and found the 2000 Mean =10.9 oC; 2002 =10.8 oC ; 2005 10.7 oC.

This is a temperature decrease of 0.2 oC.

If one considers the fact that over the past century the temperature rose by 0.8 oC, then it means that 25 % of the rise has been eliminated since the warmest year 1998.
"Arthur Rorsch" <arthur@keykey.nl>


Europe - Nederlands southward into Italy

"A record snow storm at the first weekend of Advent has plunged parts of [Germany's]
North Rhine-Westphalia and Lower Saxony into an unparalleled winter chaos. According to weather service Meteomedia, the last time the region suffered under similar snow masses was more than 100 years ago. ... Meteomedia called it a "historical" start of the winter."

The winter storm was caused by a low pressure zone over Western Europe, which brought the most sudden drop in air pressure in decades - the backside of another Leroux MPH, of course.

Die ZEIT 27. 11. 2005

The Scotsman, 27.11.2005

In case you have no idea what a Leroux MPH is - find and read! - Leroux, Marcel, Global Warming: Myth or Reality? 540 p., Hardcover ISBN:3-540-23909-X. Springer-Praxis books


Polar Glaciers

James Hansen and others make claims about Greenland glacier shrinkages that simply do not correspond with known expansions on the upper levels, and ignore fundamentals of glacier dynamics, e.g., when it snows on top, and is cold, the pressures tend to force 'shedding' along the edges...

Science, 20 October 2005
Recent Ice-Sheet Growth in the Interior of Greenland
Ola M. Johannessen, Kirill Khvorostovsky, Martin W. Miles, Leonid P. Bobylev

Contact: Mariangela D'Acunto
European Space Agency Researchers have utilized more than a decade's worth of data from radar altimeters on ESA's ERS satellites to produce the most detailed picture yet of thickness changes in the Greenland Ice Sheet. Norwegian-led team used the ERS data to measure elevation changes in the Greenland Ice Sheet from 1992 to 2003, finding recent growth in the interior sections estimated at around six centimetres per year during the study period.

Dr. Patrick Michaels takes a long hard look at Antarctic records - and comments of short-term records and related claims...

GLOBAL WARMING MIGHT BE GOOD FOR YOUR HEALTH - The Ottawa Citizen, 14 February 2006 The common cold season is now shorter, researchers say. reports Tom Spears, The Ottawa Citizen

Of course we hear, and even learn more about Flu \Pandemics every day - even about 1918's real source...


North America

Another interesting link about what is ongoing in

North America this year...

Shift Happens!


October 2005

Pakistan, India and surrounding mountain areas

7.6 Richter Scale

Earthquake levels neighborhoods, public schools, and isolated suburban regions.



Hurricane Season from Hell!

Gulf Coast, from New Orleans Inland across Mississippi, Alabama, and points NE

Just 6 weeks after hurricane Denis erased much of Florida's panhandle coastline, and wandered onshore - Katrina wreaks havoc - flattens coastline, homes, and unplugs the levees - decades overdue for restructuring - flooding entire communities - no power - no water, no information from inside or outside or help from FEMA for days to weeks

- and Then Came WILMA! - washed out Cancun resorts and The Keys, then turned the lights off in southern Florida

NBC News Casters ventured before the storm to New Orleans, (Louisiana's official gov website) with only some making it into the more devastated areas in Mississippi, and Alabama some days after the storm.


Roffer's Fishery Forecast provides a view of the Mississippi Plume

Disaster Response/Relief Management was at its worst. The Blame game continues, but Bush bares his chest.

(google on 'failure' for an excellent evaluation of 'W' - before and after)


Equatorial Troposphere

MSU Vs Surface Satellite Data

Willis Eschenbach composed and forwarded this message to John Christy, Roy Spencer and the other folks involved with the MSU project -

An artifact of the diurnal correction applied to LT has been discovered by Carl Mears and Frank Wentz (Remote Sensing Systems). This artifact contributed an error term in certain types of diurnal cycles, most noteably in the tropics. "We have applied a new diurnal correction based on 3 AMSU instruments and call the dataset v5.2.  This artifact does not appear in MT or LS.  The new global trend from Dec 1978 to July 2005 is +0.123 C/decade, or +0.035 C/decade warmer than v5.1.  

This particular error is within the published margin of error for LT of +/- 0.05 C/decade (Christy et al. 2003).  We (thank Carl and Frank for digging into our procedure and discovering this error. All radiosonde comparisons have been rerun and the agreement is still exceptionally good. There was virtually no impact of this error outside of the tropics.

Mears, C.A., and F.J. Wentz, 2005: The effect of diurnal correction on satellite-derived lower tropospheric temperature.

Santer, B.D., et al., 2005: Amplification of surface temperature trends and variability in the tropical atmosphere.

Sherwood, S., J. Lanzante, and C. Meyer, 2005: Radiosonde daytime biases and late 20th century warming.

as of August 11, all online at http://www.scienceexpress.org.

Roy Spencer, one of the original scientists concerned with the MSU/Surface data set disagreements posted a useful background statement on Techcentralstation on August 11:

"Some Convergence of Global Warming Estimates"
Which ends as follows:

"Since we (UAH) had already been working on a new diurnal adjustment technique, based upon the newer and more powerful AMSUs that have been flying since 1998, we rushed our new method to completion recently, and implemented new corrections. ... the UAH global temperature trends for the period 1979 to the present have increased from +0.09 to +0.12 deg. C/decade -- still below the RSS estimate of +0.19 deg. C/decade.

Our new AMSU-based (observed) diurnal cycle adjustments end up being very similar to RSS's climate model (theoretical) adjustments. So why the remaining difference between the trends produced by the two groups? While this needs to be studied further, it looks like the reason is the same as that determined for the discrepancy in
deep-tropospheric satellite estimates between the two groups: the way in which successive satellites in the long satellite time series are intercalibrated. There has been a continuing, honest difference of opinion between UAH and RSS about how this
should best be done."


Northeastern Pacific

Unseasonably warm water has resulted in a very low zooplankton production throughout the spring and early summer, causing considerable concern over cause, and likely consequences.

The ECOHAB-PNW (Ecology and Oceanography of Harmful Algal Blooms Pacific Northwest) cruise is part of a federally funded effort to determine the environmental factors that make the Washington and British Columbia a hot bed of toxic marine diatoms of the genus Pseudo-nitzschia.


Wall Street Journal

Kyoto by Degrees - editorial June 21, 2005; Page A16

Feb. 14, 2005 article by Antonio Regalado

Online Wall Street Journal Editorial

Article by Antonio Regalado


Steve McIntyre, Climate Audit, 20 July 2005 - Further Comments

Realistic Perspectives: w/links

June 2005

Central Europe and Southward


and then there is Australia...

Serious increases in Pole to Equator winds (& MobilePolar Highs) associated with the Climate Regime Shift that was initiated in 1998-99 - have delivered Cold and Wet to regions that have not seen it for a longwhile. Unseasonably cold June brings 16 inches of snow to the Alps -"heavy snows block mountain passes in Austria and Croatia - IN JUNE - and Somalia just had its first recorded snow fall."

Recent events:
8 June 2005 June high temperature records again grew across VIC and parts of NSW and SA. Many Victorian centres broke or equalled records set yesterday.

Crisis amongst wannabe 'fortune tellers' who try to tie AGW to recent events, from Tsunamis to Hurricanes - What a Mess!

News Media reports



June 2005

Northeast US Coast - Massachusetts Bay and Spreading

Red Tide Blooms as Cold surface waters enter the Region from the north, associated with the Cold, Wet Winter, and enhanced pollution.





Arctic Ocean

Heat Pulse tracked from North Atlantic

One instrument record, retreived in 2004 by Igor Dmitrenko and a few other scientists, from a mooring located north of the Laptev Sea a few hundred miles off the coast of Siberia and about 150 meters (492 feet) below the ocean surface, recorded a jump in water temperature of 0.4 degrees Celsius on a February day as a column of warm water flooded past the instrument... Recently Igor Polyakov, a Russian scientist, contacted oceanographers from around the world to backtrack the water on its path into the high Arctic.


Review in September 2005 of the Arctic ice records from 1973 -2002 by John McLean

"Warm Atlantic Water Heads North"
By Ned Rozell

May 2005

The most recent review of the Earth's Climate System, what to expect, and how to proceed, in a realistic, scientific mode.

Marcel Leroux takes a hard look at the reality of the greenhouse effect,
the 'evidence' from climate models, and the models' limitations, and he postulates alternate causes of climate change and analyzes the trends for global temperatures, rainfall patterns, and sea level.

He poses the 'heretical' question if warming may be considered a benefit in some regions.
Finally Leroux suggests a number of priorities for climatologists to better understand processes of climate change, to integrate them into climate models, and to predict accurately future changes in climate.


Leroux, Marcel, Global Warming: Myth or Reality? 540 p., Hardcover

ISBN: 3-540-23909-X. Springer-Praxis books



Prior Epochs


Recent Media Focus often Distorts Perspectives, given Historical Information, particularly regarding Natural Events - and Social Consequences

A timely article in EOS, 04/01/05 weekly report from the American Geophysical Union by Chao (NASA) and Gross (JPL) point out that the Sumatra Event was the 4th largest of the last Century, but had a negligible effect on Earth's Rotation Rate (LOD) - despite Media Hype, and the fact that most of our monitoring technology is not up to the required sensitivity levels.


Earthquake Info Links


International Earth Rotation and reference System's Service (IERS) website for Special Bureau for Mantle observations are recorded (21,600+ major earthquakes with R>5 since 1977).

January, 2005

Scandanavia, Northern Europe, Western USA

Mobile Polar Highs encounter warm wet sources, and these regions are now cold, wet, and windy. The strength of the storm over Scandanavia et al has been compared to the one that occured in 1969

After years of relative drought, some places
in southern California have seen over a foot of rain in the last week. Many exceeded their monthly averages within the first week as well. Wet, wet, wet also in the Midwest: after near record cold on X-mas day many places in southern Indiana and Illinois have received their monthly averages for January in the first week - and some, eg. Indianapolis, received 6.6 in., more than double the normal for January.


What is a Mobile Polar High?

Well, they are huge Polar Atmospheric Subsidence Events that control the Earth's major energy transport, as they sweep from the Polar source, across continents, into and over oceans, affecting the locations, directions and intensities of the various Trade-Winds - causing vast Cooling Events, storms, and other phenomena - The Linked example occurred April 7, 2005

More Info see Marcel Leroux, 1998, "Dynamic Analysis of Weather and Climate" Wiley/Praxis.

NASA Imagery of North Africa Snowstorm 1/26-28/05


Dark Days Dominate the New Year!

Sumatra - Then spread throughout the Indian Ocean

9.0 Richter Earthquake

Sumatra releases another historical Tsunami - and devastation proceeds.

Official USGS Earthquake Hazards Posting- Description

NASA's View of Earth's Changes

A fuller description of the Processeses Involved

Animation link:

Catastrophe's Warning Signs Went Unheeded
After Southeast Asia's massive quake, experts were blind to the threat of a tsunami. Others saw it but were unable or unwilling to act.

What  Noone  Really  Wants to See...

January 5, 2005


According to oday's news - Australia's mean temperature in 2004 was 0.4 degrees above the 1961-90 average.

The report claims that this makes it the seventh warmest year on record but the Bureau of Meteorology website and then the "sorted Data Set" option) shows it to be the tenth warmest.


It was also reported that the WMO says that mean temperatures in 2004 were 0.44 degrees warmer than the 61-90 average and this makes it the fourth hottest year on record. In 1998 the anomaly was 0.54 degrees so One (John McLean and I) wonders if this decrease to 0.44 is also part of a trend of decreasing temperatures.

January 4, 2005

New Zealand

"December chill the worst for 59 years"

"Snow, frost, hail and a tornado marked the first month of summer, with the coldest temperatures recorded in December since 1945."

New Zealand Herald

January 4, 2005

US Senate

Senator James M. Inhofe
Chairman, gives speech to Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works "An Update on the Science of Climate Change"

Comments defining the Arctic - based on George Taylor's Report on Arctic Climate


December 30, 2004 United Arab Emirates This time on the Arabian peninsula received snow for the first time IN THEIR RECORDED HISTORY.

BBC Report


AFP report (via Al Jazeera.net)