1998 USA Viagra and Psuedo-estrogen & Cancer drugs revitalize... Stock Markets too! Think about what it could do for the Rhinoceros, Narwhal, and an assortment of Asian aphrodesiacs!!
1997 UK Sheep clone "dolly" sparks debates
1996 Ethiopia 2.5-2.6 million year old artifacts found, with skull
1995 California Captive Bred condors released into Big Sur
1995 Solar System Hubble telescope retrofitted in space, sends highest quality pictures



 Chauvet Cave rediscovered, 20-30,000 year BP- WOW! Rock Art!!!

1992 France Douady/Couder: plant primordia/Golden number=(à5-1)/2=phi; 360-phi=137.5
1991 Newfoundland / Nova Scotia Canada's DFO & Government Officials "manage" Atlantic cod demise despite complaints of coastal fishers
1988 USA NMFS Regional Fisheries Ecosystem Management Plans buried by Regional Fisheries Councils, showing lack of will by $$$
1988 Chile Dillehay and Collins date artifacts from Monte Verde, So Chile at 33,000 years
1988 Israel Finding of ancient modern skeletons in Israel date to 92,000 years.
1987 Florida Orange Band, the last dusky seaside sparrow dies of old age in captivity
1987 California The last wild California condor is trapped and placed in zoo breeding program
1987 USA US Supreme Court rejects equal time concept for creationism as a science
1983 International Int. Bureau of Weights &Measures redefines meter:distance light travels/time
1981 USA Rat to mouse transgenic transfer successful
1981 USA Liquid junction cell11.5% efficient/Solar One 10MW power station finished
1981 USA first transgenic transfers between different species occur
1980 USA Alvarez et al.: iridium enriched clay layer at Cretacious-Terciary boundary
1980 USA Supreme Court OKs patent on microbe developed by GE for oil cleanup
1979 USA Spreadsheet Visicalc enabled business applications sans programming skills
1978 England First Test tube baby conceived is born to Leslie Brown
1978 Global Seasat satellite carries imaging radar system/ocean currents/Ice flow
1978 USA Chloroflourocarbons are banned a spray propellants to protect ozone layer
1977 USA Apple II is introduced as first assembled personal computer
1977 Near Galapagos Isls Corliss/Ballard discover deep sea vents/fauna/Alvin dive
1975 Feigenbaum discovers "è=4.669", a natural constant relating physical transitions
1974 USA Hewlitt-Packard introduces programable pocket calculator
1973 USA Bell Labs develop tunable, continuous wave laser
1973 USA Cohen and Boyer demonstrate DNA restriction enzymes/joining enzymes
1972 California Cal State Bd of Education demands equal time for Biblical account of creation
1972 USA DDT use is restricted to protect birds/environment
1971 USA Direct Dialing implmented/Microprocessor chip introduced
1967 USA 20 year Study shows Floride decreases tooth decay 58%/Evanston, IL
1962 USA Rachel Carson's "The Silent Spring" begins conservation movement
1960 Pacific Jaques Piccard/Don Walsh descent 10,900 ft in bathyscaphe
1956 USA FORTRAN invented at IBM
1955 USA US Vanguard project for launching artificial satellites announced
1955 USA Deep freezers for fresh food go on sale
1953 USA

David Easton - The Political System - systems analysis uses metaphores from physics/biology - Others use Humor!

1952 USA Polio epidemic affects 47,665/Jonas Salk develops killed virus vaccine
1951 USA First calf is produced using frozen semen
1944 Greenwich, UK Greenwich Royal Observatory installs 1st quartz crystal clock
1940 USA First color television broadcast/developed by Peter Carl Goldmark
1937-42 USA John V. Atanasoff begins work on first electronic computer/punch card input
1937 USA Frank Whittle builds first working jet engine
1937 Baltic first rocket tests/Wernher von Braun amongst leaders
1937 USA Theodosius Dobzhansky publishes Genetics and the Origin of Species
1935-37 Germany Albert Szent-Gyorgi begins discovery of Krebs Cycle
1933 Germany 12,000 power electron microscope developed/1st more powerful than light
1933 Tasmania Last known Tasmanian Wolf dies
1932 USA Cathode ray tube television receiver demonstrated
1931 Germany first crude electron microscope
1925 Dayton,Tennesee J.T. Scopes "monkey trial"/prosecuted for teaching evolution
1925 Global RA Fisher:Statistical methods/Lotka's Elements of Physical Biology/New era
1922 Germany Meteor expedition mounts first depth sounder/mapper
1919-1920 USA Short wave radio developed/licensed regular broadcasts begin
1913 England Soddy/Fajans/Russel note beta emission moves atom up one in atomic mass
1912 Germany Alfred Lothar Wegener proposed Plate Tectonics/Continental Drift/Pangea
1911 England Soddy observes alpha particle emission result is 2 unit loss in atomic mass
1906 England Nobel prize for discovery of electron/hydrogen atom has only one
1905 Germany Einstein's second paper on relativity details: E=mc2
1904 USA Bertram Boltwood uses elemental decay to age mineral
1904 England Sutton details evidence in "The chromosome theory of heredity"
1902 England Rutherford and Soddy demonstrate radionuclides on disintegration via radioactivity
1902 USA Stansboro states that chromosomes are paired/may carry heredity
1900 Europe Mendels Laws rediscovered by deVries; Correns; von Seysenegg

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