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2007 Canada/USA 1998 is no longer the Warmest Year in the USA, 1934 is ... New analysis by Steve McIntyre of the NASA/GISS US Temperature records showed that the 'step-up' in 2000 was due to computer errors - that was quickly accepted - and corrected - with Little or No Media Coverage - 
Meanwhile, the newly corrected GISS Temperature  records show a completely different pattern,  now with the following order of warmest 10 years: 1934, 1998, 1921, 2006, 1931, 1999, 1953, 1990, 1938, 1939 -
NOT Related to CO2 levels per se -
The New York Times, May 5, 1912, Sunday
- 94F in Greenland
- Unusually warm conditions in Alaska

 Timo Niroma, of Helsinki provides the similar data sets for Northern Europe and Finland  providing a 2000 year perspective on Solar Influences on Climate Change.
Meanwhile, Newsweek published a scathing article against AGW Skepticism - that MSNBC Robert Samuelson puts in proper perspective - as being (Toilet Paper) - Bad Ethics.
2006 Davidson Seamount Multi-Institution research effort deployed Montery Bay Research Institute's undersea vehicle Tiburon to explore the seamount, an ex-volcano with a base at 12,000 feet depth, whose peak is located over 4100 feet below sea level. Novel 200+ year old invertebrates and an array of fish species living in the dark - and an array of litter, from old coke bottles, to styrofoam cups - signs of the times. Well, signs of life above, all well documented in old Naval Undersea Center movies, made during the Cold War's antisubmariune warfare efforts, and kept out of sight. Today - the project's photos can be seen on NOAA's Explorer Website, or on TV via BBC specials.
2005 Arctic Melting and Maldives Sea Level - Memorandum by Professor Nils-Axel Mörner, Head of Paleogeophysics & Geodynamics, Stockholm University, Sweden President, (1999-2003) of the INQUA Commission on Sea Level Changes and Coastal Evolution, Leader of the Maldives Sea Level Project -

 In conclusion; observational data do not support the sea level rise scenario. On the contrary, they seriously contradict it. Therefore, we should free the world from the condemnation of becoming extensively flooded in the near future.   There are more urgent natural problems to consider on Planet Earth like tsunamis, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, etc.
2002 - 2005 North Pacific Tagging of Pelagic Predators - TOPP - an international effort to sudy the behaviors of major ocean species within their ever-changing environments - Census of Marine Life CoML promoted and funded is one of the most successful coordinated efforts ever!

La Jolla, California - Career

Birthplace - Montana -  Finally Retired & Home


Charles David Keeling died on 20 June, at 77.

His Moana Loa record of rising carbon dioxide became known as the Keeling Curve. His dilligence, honesty, and complete determination to keep the record available, was well rewarded. Now, if only those working in the Global Change/Warming science would become just as determined, and dilligent - and less dependent upon incomplete Global Climate Models and their 'fuzzy' projections as they scramble for their continued funding and the ultimate resolution of the related issues...

Dave, you will always provide a great source of respect, and we look forward to your Legacy - as your son Ralph continues the search...


Oh Yeah! I can still hear that wonderful Mozart Piano and Wind Quintet adventure that brought us, and so many others, together.

2005 21st Century Science and Technology magazine At age 94 Rhodes W. Fairbridge comments on The "Solar Jerk", The King-Hele Cycle, and the Challenge to Climate Science
2004 + or - 100 years UK and eslewhere

Not so New FINDING - or finally just an accessible and clear description of the role of CO2 within the array of so-called Greenhouse Gases - and the significant dominance of Water Vapor.

Certainly missing from the present array of GCMs, the overstatement of CO2 as a bad thing denies its more important role in plant physiology, primary production, and myriad other related issues.

2003-2004 Canada

Michael Mann, Raymond Bradley, Malcom Hugh's study (Nature 1998) and the resulting Hockey Stick was the Icon of IPCC's 2001 Report. The MBH98 database was finally reviewed, and found to be the product of hopelessly biased analyses - skewed math, and carefully deleted data sets - by Canadians Steve McIntyre - economist, and Ross McKitrick - analyst scientist. They wrote "Our conclusion, after detailed study of Mann et. al. data base is that the "hockey stick" is an artifact of poor data handling, selective use of sources, reliance on obsolete versions of source data and erroneous statistical calculation." This led to a string of denial, and mud-slinging by the embarrassed/embarrassing MBH leadership.

The science editorial board ordered a correction, and on July 1, 2004, the MBH98 "Corrigendum" was published in Nature. McIntyre and McKitrick maintain that this document is a clear admission that the disclosure of data and methods behind MBH98 was materially inaccurate.
To follow the developing controversy, consult

2003 -2004 Germany

Theodore Landscheidt posts his ENSO Forecast for the next Cold Event - in April 2004, and last until April 2005

Full background available at http://www.john-daly.com/theodor/new-enso.htm

His last forecast was to that El Niño will  emerge (Probability 80%) around July 2006 and last at least till May 2007.

Indeed, NASA and others have announced the pending ENSO Warm Event as of September 2006!

This was Landscheidt's 7th (and last) early forecast, the previous six outperforming the major climate research and modeling centers.

(Sadly,unrecognized genius Theodore Landscheidt died on May 20, 2004 )

New Manuscripts available online via http://bourabai.narod.ru/

Basic Desription of his linking ENSO and Global Temperatures to Solar Influences.
2002 Canada/USA The world's first cloned human baby was born 26 December 2002. CLONAID, Bahamas based company report. Technology skeptics and fundamentalists are quite vocal... Followup
2002 California/Australia California defies federal restriction against and Australia created new legislation allowing harvesting, then cloning of human stem cells, from discarded In-Vitro Fertilized embryos, and in another study early-stage stem cell versatility was found to be available from adult bone marrow.

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