Climate Warming - Good or Bad??

Perhaps the most dificult message to get into the Public View is that there are very distinct differences

between the rate of stressors from Cold Vs Warm periods that are quite important in consideration of
the relative impacts of Global ClimateChange, in Time and Place -

In a recent study to assess heat related mortalities of people aged 65-74 in relation to climate
within Europe at temperatures above, below, and within each region's temperature band of
minimum mortality a team of physicians studied the records from North Finland, south Finland,
Baden-Württemberg, Netherlands, London, north Italy, and Athens.

They found that mortality was lowest at 14.3-17.3°C in north Finland but at 22.7-25.7°C in Athens. Mean annual heat related mortalities were 304 (95% confidence interval 126 to 482) in North Finland, 445 (59 to 831) in Athens, and 40 (13 to 68) in London. Cold related mortalities were 2457 (1130 to 3786), 2533 (965 to 4101), and 3129 (2319 to 3939) respectively in these regions. Generally - there are from ~5-15X more deaths due to Cold, than due to Warm Events. Populations in Europe have adjusted successfully to mean summer temperatures ranging from 13.5°C to 24.1°C, and can be expected to adjust to global warming predicted for the next half century with little sustained increase in heat related mortality. Active measures to accelerate adjustment to hot weather could minimise temporary rises in heat related mortality, and measures to maintain protection against cold in winter could permit substantial reductions in overall mortality as temperatures rise. A similar study of eleven large cities in the eastern USAshowed that current and recent days' temperatures were the weather components most strongly predictive of mortality. Mortality risk generally decreased as temperature increased from the coldest days to a specific threshold temperature, which varied by latitude. Above these 'local' thresholds mortality risk increased as temperature increased - a typical U-Shaped Stress Response found in most species.
CO2 Science site has an excellent series on
Health Effects of Temperature -

Material listed below cover the following categories in Their Subject Index:
Health Effects (Temperature: Cardiovascular) Temperature (Health Effects: Cardiovascular) Mortality (Cardiovascular)
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Clearly, what this and the long series of examples in the  CHRONOLOGY Show -
is that Society does Much Better during Warm than Cold Periods in History.